Meeting Notes 2014-09-10

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sudoroom meeting september 10, 2014


ice breaker: what are your thoughts on space?

  • yar - it's the final frontier
    • remote-jnny sez 'just the next frontier'
    • fuck frontiers
  • ron - it's very big
  • rhodey - kinda cool i guess
  • jeremy - pretty big
  • kwe - makes me think of time
  • patrick - it's flat
  • mary - space defines me
  • patrick - we should have more of it
  • jen - TIL ... never mind
  • carl - we should occupy space
  • korl - pretty radical that there are so many different types. something about amoeabas
  • david k. - space vs place -- "walking the city". wants to make this space a place infused with love
    • yar - hackerplace?


  • uc berkeley hearst museum - hackathon through sunday the sep 21st
  • BACH (Bay Area Consortium of Hackerspaces) unconference Oct. 11-12 @ Omni!:
  • Oct 19 - east bay mini maker faire
    • maker registration extended til September 15th
  • Rest of the week: Learn carpentry & help build the Omni! 8am-3pm Thurs/Friday
  • meeting facilitation training happening right now in the basement

Open Inclusivity Project

  • Does Sudoroom want to join?
  • noisebridge passed ban reciprocity with us last night (finally!)
  • jen announces to collect codes of conduct, statements of solidarity, conflict resolution procedures, safe space policies, etc. and help other spaces write/adopt these kinds of procedures. Also as part of a broader vision of more and better communication between hackerspaces.
  • should we join? 7/7 members present say yes

New Members



  • because you're awesome and radical, open to all sorts of hacking
  • radical dream of a commons, a society beyond profit

what hack?

  • mateeeeeeee, comic illustrations, electroplating

what share?

  • free food recipes (soups, stews) frozen and stored, and reheated later (stays fresh) cool soup idea!
  • never banned
  • not an undercover cop
  • 23



  • omni is amazing, also library


  • sudomesh, water sample testing - graph lake merritt water samples, effects lighting for omni stage


  • writing android apps like with whispersystems
  • playing drums with MIDI
  • never banned
  • not cop
  • 23
  • what's the answer to lyfe the universe and everything? 42


  • Did anyone fill out the Financial Health & Sustainability questionnaire sent out by finances wg?

please join working groups!

  • Working Groups in need of rad sudoers!
  • Challenging Dominant Cultures - Saturdays at 11am
  • Communications - rarely meets! Once-a-month Mondays @ 7 - - next mtg Monday 9/15
  • inances - biweekly Tuesdays @ 7pm - see
  • Facilitating Collectivity - Tuesdays at 7pm
  • fundraising saturdays 1pm
  • Space Ops - Talk to Stephen from BAPS
  • Ballroom - Wednesdays 4-6

please be a delegate!

  • Rotating delegates: yar, jenny, matt, you?
  • patrick will shadow yar

agenda tomorrow

Consensus Items

  • "ONL is not a member collective" 9/9
  • 09/02 Proposal from Governance Committee
  • In order for there to be an active core of member groups participating in the OOC, the ratio of tenants to member collectives should not exceed 30% tenants to 70% member groups.(%What? Space? Ah Income!)
    • Consensus: 7/7

Newbie Night

  • Matt hosted yesterday! It was great, lots of ppl
  • Korl will do it next month
  • Jeremy will host next week! Monday September 15th
    • Whoever hosts is responsible for: 1) adding event to the calendar, 2) posting to sudo-discuss and otherwise promoting, 3) showing up! and 4) answering the door, giving tours, and otherwise being friendly and answering questions.


  • Internet CU: $4,886.55,
  • + ~$1K from Bank of the Bay,
  • Gittip @ $408.90/wk - Goal: $1K/wk
  • can we set up direct deposit?
    • Jenny's set up Stripe but needs help with the API configuration
    • Ask Jenny for bank acct & routing # if you'd like to set up monthly bank-to-bank transfers.
  • reimburse whit for electrical materials $348.02
  • another way we can fundraise?:
  • need debit card #
    • who needs it? ask


what's the status?

  • david k: whitney and hol have a plan to run electricity, add more outlets, run conduit. we've finally found an electrician, coming on friday. says we can just start work now and inspect it later. and we can pull our own permits. tell whitney: "just go for it!" run what you need to run but don't have to tie anything off yet. landlord's cool with it.
  • who can reinburse whitney? nobody here.
    • Jenny will followup

new lockers

  • we should get more. high-school style. urban ore has some. patrick will price them and maybe put down the money.

Conflict Resolution

Action Items

  • let's fix internet in the basement please?
  • Document incidents on the omni wiki
  • Finish Stripe and set up Everbutton [Jenny] (Ron willing to help on this if needed / extending it)
  • Investigate business license [Jenny]
  • pamphlet to give new members
  • upload our shit to
  • yar will initiate a locker census