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sudoroom mtg Nov 19, 2014


treeherder is in remote attendance?, Jenny is in remote attendance. cere (into acoustics), sam (statistics, machine learning, piano, hardware hacking), louis (just quit working for, has analytics background, analog synthesizers and drum machines), elyse (a little bit of web dev, more interested in 3D printing, into architectural models for architecture, armatures, plays in a band called Puzzled ) candice (background and interest in audio engineering, was waiter for 10 years and switched to web dev, randomly got IT admin job and dropped webdev. Plays in a band called Manshion), jonathan (used to do microcontroller stuff, build structures, is software engineer). marc (synthetic biology, network programming, etc.), leslie (beginning web developer, really interested in augmented reality and virtual reality) i'm treeherder i'm into robots i live in the internet meatlings (elise wants to learn about robots too) jennny ZZzzZZzzzZz omg sleep more wow


New members


=Omni Proposals=

last omni meeting treeherder abstained from (an otherwise unanimous) vote on empowering finance committee working group to deal with david & code compliance.. basically tahat we woud agree to set aside funds from the incoming FNB grant (~3 out of 10k?) which basically means we won't be able to build reserve funds as quickly, but it might allow for more money to return to us via reimbursements for being in good standing with the safety /fire /lifewhatever inspectors.

Proposal for Rise Above to use upstairs water lines/drains in old laundry room for washout booth. (Gabriela)

We would like to put our washout booth (3'x3') as well as power washer and supply cabinet in the upstairs laundry room to wash screens and other printing tools. Since it is already plumbed the hook up should be very easy. If at some point Omni decides to install a washer dryer in there, there will be enough room for that to be next to our set up. It will not block access to the shower.

      • We agree to a temporary use of the shower room until a more permanent solution is decided.***

^sudo abstained without changing the wording of the proposal

Proposal from Finances WG

  • Amanda Amgo will take over from Niki as the Omni's CFO. The finances working group will work closely with Amgo and will check in with Amgo after 6 months to see if she wants to continue as CFO.
  • Amgo will be added to the Omni's bank account and will be responsible for paying Omni's bills and maintaining an overall picture of the Omni's financial health.

^ i feel very confident in amanda Sudo consenses on this.

  • passed unanimously 12/20/2014*

Bookings WG Proposal (Stephen)

TL;DR: We propose that every member-collective of the OOC must occupy the Booking WG's with one active participant. ^ I don't want to have this role, but I think it's an important proposal that we should pass

Currently, the Bookings WG is responsibile for processing all Ballroom and other rooms rental and use requests and bottom-lining such events. This makes up a significant portion of money we use to pay rent. It's also the group responsible for facilitating several of the awesome events you all have seen taking place in the Ballroom and elsewhere over the last couple months. However, as we, the OOC, grow, we're receiving more and more requests to use and rent the Ballroom and other rooms by outside groups and it's just too much for our current handful of participants to take on. Furthermore, a lot of the work we're taking on is simply communicating with other groups to connect people to relevant bottom-liners, etc. In other words, we're doing work that could be disseminated more effectively.

We propose that every member-collective of the OOC must occupy the Booking WG's with one active participant. This participant will be responsible for learing how to bottom-line Ballroom events, learning how to co-ordinate with outside groups for use of the ballroom (including discussing rental prices, signing contracts and so on) as well as taking on the relevant communication between the Bookings WG and the member-collective for which they are apart in order to reduce the unnecessary communcative work we're currently taking on. Right now the Bookings WG doesn't meet in person, but exists primarily through e-mail. It'd be fine and totally great if this person from each member-collective changed often, because one of the initatives of this proposal is to recognize that we must make this knowledge common so that more people understand the process for using/renting the space. In other words, we want to spread commoning knowledge! We're beginning to receive multiple space use/rental requests a day and many of these requests are opportunities for us to bring in rent or build solidarity or strong relationships with our community that will be extremely important in the future.

        • ^ Jonathan Montoya volunteers to be the particpant for the Sudo (***** <--- HERE

We concensed on it with nine members present.

Optik Allusions' Proposal for tenancy

  • Sarah Bierman, Liz Ray and Nico from Optik Allusions will be here to discuss the proposal.
  • Text of the proposal:
    • Mission Statement: Optik Allusions aims to empower people that are otherwise discriminated against - people of color, women, queers, differently abled, and mentally diverse folks - to utilize the overarching medium of the moving image and create films that provoke and challenge the dominant culture. By pooling our physical and mental resources, we make films in a spirit of collaboration and solidarity, supply a lending library of film equipment for creative projects, offer free, at cost or donation based classes, and host film screenings.
    • Origin and group history: Optik Allusions had its first meeting on 07/09/14, as a group of interested artists affiliated with various collectives within OMNI. So far, we have collaborated on a 2 minute grant application for the OMNI, as well as producing, filming and editing the Omni’s fundraising video. We’ve started receiving donations of film equipment, we host weekly film screenings that foster community within the Omni, and one of our members is working with a developper on a collaborative editing tool, with the intent of creating ways in which storytelling can become collaborative and participative:
    • Participation in the Omni: Currently, OpAl is not seeking membership but tenancy, with the possibility of applying for membership in the future. Our members are already involved in the Omni community and now we are joining forces to contribute to Omni’s mission of making the means of cultural production a common resource. In order to accomplish our goal, we need a secure room for an editing suite and to store our equipment library.
    • Group finances and paying rent: OpAl will be financed by the personal contributions of its members. We have a recommended monthly membership fee of $20, and people are free to pay more if they can, or less if they can’t (in exchange for volunteer hours). As of now, since only seven members of our budding collective can commit to paying 20$ a month, the rent we could reasonnably offer amounts to 140$. As our membership grows, we hope to be able to re-assess this amount.
    • Dedicated space: We would like to rent the room labeled as "Muses" on the floor plan [1], above and to the left of the stage (when viewed from the ballroom area). "Muses" is 89’ square on the main floor, with a lofted space that is 43’ square, for a total of 132’ square. We will turn it into a soundproofed editing suite where we can work in quietude and darkness, and we will need to secure the room with locks to protect our equipment.
    • Other contributions to the Omni: Best case scenario is that our fundraiser video helps Omni raise two million dollars! Other scenarios include more fundraiser videos, and promotional pieces for collectives within Omni to boost their visibility and membership. We can also provide technical help and equipment for any film and video related projects. Such services include setting up projectors and sound systems for screenings or presentations, setting up lights for staged events, filming events, and editing the footage to accommodate the needs of the group who requested it.
    • Sudo consensed on this proposal.


  • Internet Credit Union:
  • CBotB: $1K
  • Gratipay: $/week (600 needed)

general proposals

  • encourage / volunteer /sacrfice the immortal soul of members to the set of omni working groups... as one of the largest organizations, we should have more presence -- especially in times of need.