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sudoroom mtg - 28 January, 2015 Sudoroom, 7pm, every Wednesday. Bring yo couch!


  • Facilitator: juul and korl
  • Note Taker: juul and april
  • Ice-breaker question: What is delicious


  • juul
  • noel - That guacamole is delicious (null?) Thanks Patrick!
  • colin - New member (needs a key). Plans on teaching 3D printing workshop (maybe sunday 2-4 pm).
  • sam - brought a physical board game he made. interested in hardware. microntrollers. working on grammar stuff related to programming
  • cere davis - working making small things sound big
  • david - learning how to play go and how to program computers
  • sam - play and teach go i guess. programming, piano and various things
  • matt - working on omni, trying to raise money. home-made tortillas
  • jake - member for a while. likes to do hardware hacking. like the robot arm). he's a robot. Watt is delicious.
  • Ugo - cyber wizard student. new here. Coffee is delicious
  • Nicolas - Learn everything i can. Learn how to program. Thai food and augmented reality.
  • Alan - studies mushrooms and computer security. This place is awesome
  • Korl - Does sudo things. Lots of things are delicious, but not puke.
  • Niko - Would like to apply to become a member.
  • April - Toothpaste!
  • deilann - Munchery is delicious (is ryan) or is it...
  • jenny - this blue cheese in the other meeting i'm in ^_^
  • Liz - burgerburgerburger
  • Daniel
  • Do we have Quorum?
  • 11 members quorom

New Members (To be discussed!)

Members with extended pondering

The membership application of the following members have been blocked by a sudo room member:

  • David T
  • Sam (samatman)
  • rayc?

= New Member Convos

  • Would you like to talk about how you spend your day / introduce yourself?
    • Niko: Bounced around Oakland for a while before landing back here again. Talk to a lot of people and try to find things that are less . Work in theatre and really interested in AV stuff and how to set up scenes and stages, especially relating to physics and metaphysics of light. Wants to learn more technical hacking, especially 3D printing. Bikes a lot. Moves a lot of things around for people. Does a lot of social hacking: Try to find things that people have in common more so than what is different.
    • St. Nik: A bodyworker, wanting to learn digital security. Wants to go back to school for industrial design. Looking to gain knowledge and skills to support his id
  • How did you hear about sudo, and what do you know about its values and history?
    • Niko: Heard about sudo because they were at BAPS at the old location and discovered sudo room. Naturally drawn to sudo. Was introduced to the values today as they were trying to help Noel set up for Newbie night. As they understand it: sudo is about creating access to a technology ... also figure out what tech looks like when you decentralize power.
    • St. Nik: Just learned that its name is Unix. As far as I know the space is for sharing knowledge and decentralization. [we read the values] Sounds really good. So far, I beleive people here are wonderful. I'm largely naiive as to how and what it should be. I'd like to help feng shui and fill it with creative enegery and let positivity flow.
  • If you know already, what do you want to do at sudo?
    • Niko: I really want to organize things. Really love to learn more robotics and play with self-determining machines. Wants to learn how to use 3D printers. Is interested in People's Open Network.
    • St. Nik: I want to learn how to program. Right now, I want to start working on builig a Pranav Mistry 6th Sense Device. [It looks rad.]
  • What would you like to share and teach at sudo?
    • Niko: I would like to bring into a greater awareness the... <note-taker gives up maybe Niko can fill this in>. Interested in how sudo and omni form their baseline of interaction and how we take our culture and teach it to people and introduce them to it and hold our boundaries. Lots of potential for experimentation.
    • St. Nik: I'm more of a student; I can't really teach anything. I can help muse people and bring out potential. I want to turn my RV into a command center. [Caravan collective continutes]
  • Have you ever been banned from another hackerspace or commons?
    • Niko: No
    • St. Nik: No, I've never been a part of a hackerspace ^_^
  • Are you a cop, an undercover cop?
    • Niko: How do we test this question? I am not a cop. I am not an undercovered cop.
    • St. Nik: No. I might be a collaborator tho. I'm more interested in being a police liason to figure out their protocols to work with them to acheive progress. [sounds good. sounds bad.]
  • Q: Are you a collaborator:
    • St. Nik: I sympathize with the fact that they are doing their jobs. I don't like their tactics.
  • Q: When was the last time you went to a police station
    • St. Nik: Eh, last time I was arrested.
  • Are you a cat?
    • Niko: Always.
    • St. Nik: What's a cat?
  • An undercover cat?
    • Niko: ???
    • St. Nik:
  • Can you please see what's in this captcha?
    • Niko: ...[we think he's a robot]
    • St. Nik: Air. [we think he is not a robot]
  • St. Nik: When do I start?
  • Niko: Do I have time for a cigarette?

New members who applied last week

  • Ita
  • Nir

How to pay membership dues and/or donate to Sudo!

  • Gratipay is our online method.
  • Cash to Jenny Ryan, Matt Senate, Max Klein, or Marc Juul


Sudo or Omni related announcements.

  • Omni IndieGoGo Fundraising Campaign Update:
    • Goal: $40,000
      • Visible Total: $40,751 IT KEEPS GOING UP!
      • Actual Total: $80,751 WOOHOO!!!!!!!!
      • Actual Difference:

  • Fundraising Update
    • Join the Fundraising Working Group on Mondays at 7pm in Omni Commons
      • The lesson is that with one head down, the hydra spouts 8 more:
      • Preliminary Announcement of new fundraising goal of $1,900,000 (buy the building)
      • Join the

  • jake has asked Rus / Aerosonic (irc) to stay away from sudoroom, for suspicion of stealing something from Adam. Rus has asked for mediation and wants someone to be his contact for this purpose.
    • Not jenny.
    • Adam was working in Sudo, Rus stuck his hand into workbox and area; Adam noticed vaporizor gone. Adam confronted Rus. Rus admitted to going into Adam's stuff, but said that he then put the vape on the table. soon after Rus and his friends left Omni. Rus came back and was asked to leave. Jake offered to contact him via IRC, there Rus aka Aerosonic asked to do conflict mediation, Jake is uninterested in doing this. Jake spoke to three other people... Noisebridge says, Rus has no idea why anyone thinks he took the vape, maybe someone just saw him touch it, fails to acknowledge evidence


Breakdown of Sudo expenses, budgeting, etc.

  • Our Monthly Expenses: ~$2,500
    • Sudo Rent: $2,000/ month
    • Sudo Utilies: ~$500
  • $480.18/ week on Gratipay
  • $3,641.46 in the Internet Credit Union account
  • $80.25 worth of bitcoin. 0.3387169 btc
  • $___ in Community Bank of the Bay account
  • Total Incoming: ~$4,000
  • Have we paid rent for January? Yes.
  • Are we screwed in February? Maybe.
  • Are we screwed in March? Yes.


Discuss any current events/issues related to Sudo or Omni. Please remember that some topics may not be suitable for non-members, or should be first taken through our Safer Spaces procedures.

==501C3 Update== 3-5 mins

  • April: We have been working with Kyle Mitchell from the Internet Archive. He put an engagement letter on github. It outlines becoming a 510c3. He did it all pro-bono. We have an agreement that he's going to do all of this work for free.
  • Read the engagement letter. Someone wants to be our lawyer and Julio and I think he's great. Here's the letter of engagment that will seal the deal on getting tht started:
  • We need to get all the members of the board of representatives spelled out and confirmed. A few new people were added at the start of the year.
  • Kyle is going to start asking us for old board meeting minutes, etc as we move forward with our 501c3 process. We need to get our offical history sorted :)
  • do we need all board members to approve?
    • no just sudo room; motion by the board & sign a letter of consent needed to become a 501C3
  • there are many other organizations here, would be great for this process to be open for assisting these other orgs to become a 501Cs.
    • gov investigates everything for a 501Cs application, information may used against us and contest application/status, some info should not be public, also lawyer feels uncomfortable making it a public activity.
  • limited list ok, just not public

Insurance Policies

10 mins
  • What is the insurance situation at Sudo
    • What/Who/When/Where/Why/How does it cover?
    • Renters Insurance for peoples' personal property at Sudo?

= Physical Violence Discussion

  • Elliot: Conversation with Elliot present and not present
  • Other phsyical altercations

Changing the New Membership Process

  • Members only discussion, please!
  • Possibly a veeerrrrry long discussion
  • Discussion notes from last week:
    • Jenny "Making our values more visible... The first step isn't necessarily membership... develop relationships with the space and understand [people] better" +1 +1
    • Ugo "Making out values more visible via a poster?" +1
    • Random Person on the Pad "Require new members to return to 'activate' membership after extended pondering?"
    • Elliot "making our Safer Spaces Policies more available, etc"
    • Cere "Confused by our policy... asking random strangers to be members"
    • Korl "I agree with everyone... put me on stack for this at next weeks meeting! ;) "
    • Yar "I agree with the way membership feels... maybe [the new members] will see this as so disfunctional, they won't bother and that'll solve the problem"
    • Joe "If something doesn't feel good, don't do it"
    • Mary "[Discussion in front of nonmembers seems weird]"
    • Matt "[members only discussion]"
    • Matt "[changing new member policy is better than scrutinizing people and putting them on the hot seat]"
    • Members agree: one month minimum or equivallent +1
  • Instead: Asking if it is anyones' first time here at Sudo - Let them know to they are welcome to spend more time here, and get to know us, our policies, values, member responsibilities, etc, before appling for membership if/when they want to.
  • Possible New Member Online/Interview Script:
  • Do you have a preferrred alias/ penname / sudonym?
    • 1. Would like to briefly introduce yourself? How do you spend your days?
    • 2. How did you hear about Sudo Room, and what do you know of it's values and history?
    • 4. What do you think of Sudo Room so far? (Assuming they spent some time at sudo before applying)
    • 5. If you know already, What would you like to learn and do at Sudo Room?
    • 6. What can you teach or share at Sudo Room?
    • 7. Minimun monthly dues are $10/month; Are you able to meet this?
    • 8. Have you ever been banned from another hackerspace or commons? If so, can you breifly tell us where, when, and why this was?
    • 9. Are you a cop? Are you an undercover cop?
    • 10. Are you an agent? An undercover agent?
    • Optional: Are you a cat? Can you please say what you see in the captcha above me?


  • Do you have any questions for us?
  • Are there any questions for the [applicant]?

Theivery/Theft Policy


Current Sudo proposals to be voted on by members.

  • Indefinite ban of Rus / Aerosonic for stealing from a member in the space.
    • Full consensus. 3 abstain, no block

Action Items

Major things we need to do to make Sudo better, faster, stronger, safer, cleaner, and more efficient.

  • Doorbell for Sudoroom at the main Omni entrance?
  • Media Library
  • Sudo/CCL Lights : LED

Openness / Safety / Security Hackathon!

  • Ideas:
    • 10p-10a = Members and their guests only (except events within the space) Basement and Ballroom doors to be locks during these hours. (Open to the public 10a-10p, or course)
    • Keypad/NFC/RFID entry on CCL/Sudo space: in congruence with hours above.
    • Sign/s on our hallway door:
      • Public Hours of Omni, Sudo / CCL, Sudo Newbie Night, Omni Socials
  • Resources:
    • Closed-source camera system for nonlockables/ expensives/ etc: lab equipment, workshop tools, server, etc.
    • Lockability: Implementing lockdown systems on specific items (e.g. laptop locks, cages)
    • RFID chips on small stealables (Very possible, and easy, talk to Jake)
  • Dedicated, lockable member space and lockers... (This should be a separate discussion as there are a lot of aspects to this topic)
    • Lockable shared charging station?
    • Small pay-by/time-limited lockers big enough for laptops/phones?
    • Caged, time-limited workstations?

Korl: We didn't have time to have a propper straw-poll and discussion on which of these Sudo members are open to/ not open to implementing. Let's discuss which of these are our best and most efficient options, in order to set up a higher level of security and safety for CCL, Sudo, our members, and our (expensive/stealable) resources. We don't need to discuss Omni security at this time (despite this being an equally important and correlating topic), let's please just focus on the space which CCL and Sudo share.

Sudo ToDo

Little things we can do now to make Sudo better, faster, stronger, safer, cleaner, and more efficient.

  • Take the trash out!
  • Clean up the tables!
  • Unplug anything that isn't being used!

Delegate's Agenda Items

Proposals on the to be discussed/voted upon at the Thursday delegates meeting.