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sudoroom mtg - 4 February, 2015 Sudoroom, 7pm, every Wednesday. Bring a conch!


  • Facilitator: ryan
  • Note Taker: juul


Ice-breaker question: If you had to only eat two flavors of ice cream for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

  • wrought (local)
  • remote-yar: i wish for the "infinite further wishes" flavored ice cream
  • remote-jenny :) ~ chocolat ftw
  • remote-noematic: chocolat
  • lois: i would choose vanilla and the rainbow sherbert.
  • aheri / ardueen: Just discovered mochi. Any mochi. I do not care. Give it to me.
  • Rayc: Cheap moose tracks knock-off ice cream from the mission.
  • Niko: Rocky road and its-its cookie sandwiches.
  • niko
  • sam: vanilla/almond, death by chocolate (note-taker lost track)
  • ryan: coffee - shiner-bock(sp?)
  • 5c077: strawberry cheesecake and apple-pie (btw there's an anti-police organizing meeting downstairs and there's like 8 cop-cars outside)
  • st nick: mint chocolate chip and chocolate chip cookie-dough
  • shawn: chocolate and?
  • keenan: probably rocky road and lemon
  • Do we have Quorum?
    • Kind of sort of. We can achieve quorum if desired by pulling in CCLers.

New Members (To be discussed!) (fyi - to be discussed today: )

  • Ardueen
    • Introduction: My name is (ardueen). I was born in North Carolina in 1980. I was most interested in french and language studies. After which I got a boring job in washington d.c. which I eschewed for becoming a fun-employed electornics / programmer. Recently graduated from the first cyberwizard.
    • Was at the Impact Hub for some sort of visioning event. My vision was to have a space. A hackerspace. Where creating value is more the motivation than capital. Several people then mentioned sudo room.
    • What do you think of sudo room's values: Having eschewed government employment I compare that to sudo room's devaluation of e.g. the military and hierarchy in favor of sharing instead of capital. I also see that there's a sharing culture with a value of responsibility. I am sitting here because I want to contribute. I want to take on responsibilities.
    • Why do you want to be a sudo room member: At the moment I'm benefitting from people who are willing to share their information. By becoming a member it would formalize that it is a reciprocal relationship.
    • WHat do you want to do at sudo room: I want to build robots and I want to teach other people. I bring some experience from a place I was called Nova Labs (not a hackerspace as such, but had a lot of open appeal). I have a bunch of connections to a few hundred people working on awesome stuff like rocketry and geeked out 3d printers. Leverage existing tools to build new ones. I feel like that ties into abolishing white supremacy because you can leverage existing toos (note-taker is failing at summarizing).
    • What's your plan to abolish sexual violence, police brutality and white supremacy? in 10 words or less <-- yar is trolling us from afar this is a great question but I don't think it belongs officially in the interview questions.
    • Who do you know from sudo room and how long have you been spending time here? marina, substack, max (notconfusing) have become valueable points of contacts and I hope friends.
    • thanks!
    • Have you ever been banned from a hackerspace or other collective: No.
    • I am an agent only of my own. I am a self-employed Aheri, and I am the only one.
    • Are you an undercover cat: (makes red dwarf reference).
    • Could read captcha. Not robot.
  • Rachel
    • Introduction: Hello. I am Rachel. I teach yoga in the disco room. We're an independent (non-member) collective.
    • How did you hear about sudo room: I was and am still working on something called Peer Library. Through someone there I met Matt, Noemie and Jenny. Started working on the CCL EEG machine a bit but then gave up on it. Started coming in to hang in the Omni. I also do things on the computer but don't know if I can offer more skills than existing members.
    • Why do you want to be a member: I use the equipment here and have friends who are members. It would make sense to pay $10 bucks a month.
    • What do you want to hack or learn at sudo room: I don't want to take up anyones time to teach any particular skill. I want to use equipment and hang out here and learn things about interacting with humans.
    • What do you want to share with or teach at sudo: Anything I know that you want to know. Jury rigging things? I probably won't do things without teaching people how to do them. I brought a guitar and it's over there.
    • Values: I know that sudo room has many values that I can put isms on. I see how things are handled here day to day and that people have each others back.
    • Ryan reads the sudo room values aloud.
    • Ever been banned: no.
    • Who do you know, if anyone: Knows Ryan, Matt, Nico. I know Rayc.
    • Are you a cop, undercover cop or agent: No
    • Are you a cat: mew
    • Are you an undercover cat: no
    • Passed the captcha.

New members who applied last week

How to pay membership dues and/or donate to Sudo!


Sudo or Omni related announcements.

  • RAYC: Jake led hardware hacking and it was awesome. Tuesdays at 7pm!
  • Niko: working with null to make a sheet for newbie night to physically handing away; thinks all of the events are on there, but if anyone knows of regular scheduled events that aren't on the wiki, please share.


Breakdown of Sudo expenses, budgeting, etc.

  • Our Monthly Expenses: ~$2500
    • Sudo Rent: $2,000/ month
    • Sudo Utilies: ~$500
    • Total Outgoing: ~$14,000
  • $___/ week on Gratipay
  • $___ in the Internet Credit Union account - Closed yet? If,
  • $___ worth of bitcoin.
  • $___ in Community Bank of the Bay account
  • Total Incoming: ~$4,000
  • Have we paid rent for February? Yes :) :D
  • Are we screwed in March? All signs point to YES unless someone like you cares a whole whole lot
  • Are we screwed in April? .........
  • Are we playing out some elaborate prisoner's dilemma every month? yes


Discuss any current events/issues related to Sudo or Omni. Please remember that some topics may not be suitable for non-members, or should be first taken through our Safer Spaces procedures.


Current Sudo proposals to be voted on by members.


Action Items

Major things we need to do to make Sudo better, faster, stronger, safer, cleaner, and more efficient.

  • Doorbell for Sudoroom at the main Omni entrance?
  • Keypad/Card/NFC on Sudo/CCL main entrance?
  • Media Library
  • Sudo/CCL Lights : LED

Sudo ToDo

Little things we can do now to make Sudo better, faster, stronger, safer, cleaner, and more efficient.

  • Take the trash out!
  • Clean up the tables!
  • Unplug anything that isn't being used!

Delegate's Agenda Items

Proposals on the to be discussed/voted upon at the Thursday delegates meeting.

Creation of a "Quiet" Room

  • as an intentional space for people to decompress or mark themselves as "Not Available" for other reasons. - Ryan deilann 2/3