Meeting Notes 2015-02-11

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sudoroom mtg - 11 Feb, 2015 Sudoroom, 7pm, every Wednesday. Bring yo couch!


  • Facilitator:
  • Note Taker:
  • Do we have Quorum (10 members) ?


Breifly introduce yourself. Ice-breaker question: Why is the ceiling so far away? Do you use textsecure, if not please install it?

  • Matt - using textsecure, wants others to use it
  • Shawn - gonna install it!
  • James - not using textsecure atm
  • Moose - innocent bystander, do not use textsecure, but researching now.
  • Sam - Does use text secure
  • Marc - I don't have a phone that works
  • Conner - Builds things breaks things
  • Null - Does various things around here and also am insecure.
  • Nicholas - Has never heard of textsecure before
  • remote:
    • Niki
    • Jenny
    • deilann
    • David
    • Yar?



Sudo or Omni related announcements.

  • JAKE MADE A PIN ENTRY PAD (soon there will be much rejoicing)
    • It's sturdy AND cool.
    • Will be used for dual-authentication (rfid + pin entry code)
  • The 3D printer is broken
    • WTF????
    • New nozzle ($19 + shipping)
    • Give $ to Moose
  • Look at this photo: Hackers3-e1316563314728.jpg
  • In other news: War
  • James heads-up about documentary project down the street
  • We are getting a new internets! Up to 80 mbit/sec down and 35 mbit/sec up. We can add more of these if we buy more physical copper.
    • Omni will pay, instead of Sudo

New Members


  • Shamat but you can call me Shawn
  • I was in the service, been called Shawn
  • Grew up right here at 45th and MLK, Oakland Native, hs at Oakland Tech
    • Right out of high school, joined marine corps.
    • Supposed to be a grunt (general infantry), asked for something else, joined a rolling convoy security mechanic
      • Did that for 4 years, with one extension to 5 years.
    • Got out, came back home. Oakland, bay area is completely changed "definitely different from what I remember"
  • Went to school in 2012 at Western Mass, but couldn't afford it.
    • Came back here two years later.
    • Went to the tool-lending library in Oakland, saw the place and wandered in.

Why be a sudo room member?

  • Bay area is really changing, something like this is cool to have.
    • I don't remember having something like this being around here before I left.

Experience with machines?

  • I've been a diesel mechanic, learn from experience.
    • Welding, this or that, whatever.
    • Gravitated back to this section (sudo room), because of tools, etc.

What do you want to hack or learn about?

  • Not sure, saw some cool stuff, and just want to be part of, not sure what I'm going to hack.

Share or teach?

  • I can teach about diesel. any generators??? << will ask:
    • Yes, and I can teach about diesel generators (but it would have to be in front of me).
    • Tinkering is the only way, I've had enough fail on me that I know how to fix em.
  • If diesel is not your thing, I will adapt and overcome

Are you now or have you ever been banned from a hackerspace? No


Tinkerer, artist, generalists--jack of all trades. Currently studying to be a volkswagen mechanic, also studying 3D printing

  • I have several friends who sent me here:
    • Dante, Carl, Christina!

Why do you want to be a sudo room member?

  • This feels like home more than the place I live!
  • Hardware hacking Tuesdays was a great display of the community here.

What do you want to hack?

  • Everything

Share with and teach?

  • Ways to learn from one's mistakes
  • Engines, what I mentioned before etc

Sudo Room values?

  • All about em
  • Know about issues at other makerspaces

Pondered Applicants

Members who applied at the last meeting.


Breakdown of Sudo expenses, budgeting, etc.

How to pay membership dues and/or donate to Sudo!

Sudo room would, at this point in the meeting, ask that any non-members please excuse themselves, and return at a later time. We thank you for understanding.

Expenses & Income

  • Our Monthly Expenses: ~$2500
    • Sudo Rent: $2,000/ month
    • Sudo Utilies: ~$500
    • Total Outgoing: ~$14,000
  • $506.75 week on Gratipay
  • $___ in the Internet Credit Union account - Closed yet? If,
  • $572 worth of bitcoin.
  • $___ in Community Bank of the Bay account
  • Total Current Incoming: ~$___
  • Pay dues!

How to pay membership dues and/or donate to Sudo!


Discuss any current events/issues related to Sudo or Omni. Please remember that some topics may not be suitable for non-members, or should be first taken through our Safer Spaces procedures.


Current Sudo proposals to be voted on by members. Please note: Omni Delegate's Agenda Items are below.

Action Items

Major things we need to do to make Sudo better, faster, stronger, safer, cleaner, and more efficient.

  • Doorbell for Sudoroom at the main Omni entrance?
  • Keypad/Card/NFC on Sudo/CCL main entrance?
  • Media Library
  • Sudo/CCL Lights : LED

Sudo ToDo

Little things we can do now to make Sudo better, faster, stronger, safer, cleaner, and more efficient.

  • Take the trash out!
  • Clean up the tables!
  • Unplug anything that isn't being used!

Delegate's Agenda Items

Proposals on the to be discussed/voted upon at the Thursday delegates meeting.