Meeting Notes 2015-03-18

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these were the preparatory notes, but the meeting didn't actually happen.



Banning wooster aka Mischa Spiegelmock

  • he is manipulative, dangerous, acts in bad faith, and will knowingly expose Sudoroom members to violent abuse. Sudoroom is not a safe space with him around.

Chris B

from notes here: "1. Chris B's access to Omni Commons is revoked (we expect any keys to be returned). 2. Chris B's membership to the Sudo Room is revoked. 3. Chris B is not welcome in the Omni Commons at any time. 4. Negotiation to restore these privileges to access resources of the Omni Commons and Sudo Room communities can only begin (merely start) after Chris B has demonstrated he has solid, persistent, long-term housing outside of the Omni Commons, to ensure Chris B does not repeat current behavior. 5. The only way Chris B can restore these privileges is to re-apply for membership to the sudo room. Vote: 9 aye - 0 blok - 2 abst"