Meeting Notes 2015-04-15

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Sudoroom Meeting April 15, 2015





Paying rent.

Stupid Shit That No One Needs & Terrible Ideas Hackathon

Aaro Swartz brother is doing this event. May 9th and May 10th

Full Event info is here:

"Basically we planned this event at Noisebridge, with the idea of it going from 2pm on Saturday until 5pm on Sunday. We expected a few people to come, no big deal. We now have over 800 people RSVP’d, and even if less than

  lf that many people decide to show up that’s still more people than Noisebridge can fit. The idea was to distribute it a little, and have it going on simultaneously at multiple locations.

So, depending on what times work, it doesn’t need to have the same duration or lateness of access, but having a second location for people to attend at least during the daytime hours would be a major boon. Anyone is welcome, and we want it to be an inclusive and creative event, but are really stressing out about where to put everyone."

Proposal to do it in the basement and sudo room + CCL. Would on or two people be down to being point people for this event?