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Sudoroom Meeting May 20, 2015


icebreaker question: your favorite moment in sudoroom history and/or something you're grateful for

  • matthew stewart is new. grateful to be above ground
  • carl gorringe. coffee. the bug bomb incident.
  • yar. that time we wheeled a 3d printer through art murmur on a car battery
  • marc. that time we moved to our new space. [jewel. jewel on vine]
  • ian. collaborative spaces.
  • dante. coffee also. all this food.
  • AZ zaidi. collaborative environments like hackerdojo & noisebridge. the timebank.
  • kelly. being here + tools.
  • rob. spaz party + tesla coil.
  • akira. being alive.
  • rosalie. opening up a compaq presario here with akira. grateful for friends.

• ffaust: the moment i realized that i had found another home (when i was setting up the camera at the old space).

  • sam (remote) co-hosting a happy hour with andrew


  • timebank launch party at hacker dojo on june 19th


  • lighting team asking omni delegates to use basement room

(most awesomely righteous laser-dialed-in video, check it out)

Action Items

  • we need a "Hazardous materials list" for sudoroom. omni will need it for fire inspection (eg; ignitable metals) - who can take this on for sudo?
    • Get MSDS for all (search for product name + msds, print out the msds'
    • Adam sez: "As far as I'm aware, there's only solder, solvents, and on the wooden shelf by the ammo cases, jars of ferric chloride. I brought much of the toxic stuff home / elsewhere"
  • ginormous list of everything we need to do in the building before we can pass inspection:

nick's letter was read

New Members

Matt introduces the membership process

Matthew Stewart

  • interested in technology, "primarily a ruby on rails guy". working on time bank for a couple weeks.
  • why? "to not be a member wouldn't make sense. want to be active member of the community, not someone on the outskirts."
  • what hack? peer to peer checklist. cleaning. work-trade.
  • what share? RoR. anything. i love to teach.
  • values?
    • worked for corporations, don't like bureaucracy or privilege
    • believe in open public discourse
  • never banned. not a cop. 26.
  • works on anything & everything. projects for peoples park & timebank. looking for work.


  • why? cuz sudoroom rocks.
  • what hack? the planet.
  • how? one project at a time.
  • what share? the things i learn.
  • values? very good
  • find? came for ballroom event. regular at noisebridge.
  • never banned? not a cop. not a cat.
  • also member of CCL but wants to take sudo seriously
  • worked on a tesla coil here.


  • commodore 64 hacker
  • held facebook developer meetings at hackerdojo
  • why? responsibility. been holding it up, cleaning it up. timebank stuff. making world a better place.
  • what share? excited to be within a place of neutrality. this includes information [something about] learning how I interpret the world, and the importance of breathing & hydration. breathing into your belly is a key to human vitality [not merely survival]. hydration is also important earlier in the day, especially if it's hot water. done within the same time-window [between 5-7 am.] for 21 days, it's a natural colonic. [that's a cleansing of the large instestine, done naturally, following the body's system.]
  • seeking to address "permission to be" [where i am], as a personal "understanding of safety"
  • never banned, not undercover anything.
  • do you talk too much? brevity is the essence of wit and [so on and so on] AZ knows he can speak in fewer words, which is his ongoing intention. to me an apology means three things. 1) acknowledgement of necessary improvement 2) declaration of intention to be more conscious 3) asking forgiveness from those who may have been affected by whatever is being apologized for.


  • why? love it, been coming since 2141. should have applied a long time ago.
  • been participating in timebank. interested in mesh too.
  • loves consensus & non-hierarchy, open governance
  • been noisebridge member for many years. really like the culture.
  • what hack? whatever FOSS projects people are working on here. mesh. timebank.
  • share? whatever knowledge i have. software dev, esp mobile apps.
  • not hacking for profit, but because we love doing it
  • never banned. not a cop. meow.
  • works on textsecure (openwhispersystems)
  • community building in Hayward
  • can't remember what brought me to sudo originally. knew people i guess who used to be in SF and moved to oakland.
  • dante: i can vouch he is most definitely an undercover cat. <-- sarcasm

=== Ian ===

  • been doing music programming for a long time. 10 years of UC education.
  • music composition phd @ cal. "not public enough for me."
  • "omni building's been on my radar. i'm in the music production scene, i played drums". favorite genre is "Liberation Music"
  • not a cop. "a little bit of a lion sometimes." never banned.
  • i'm a really good C++ programmer. i started in lisp. interested in functional languages. written source to source translators.
  • values? there's always a gap between ideology and practice. i still use gmail and facebook and mac os oh my. get more serious about infosec. [play less techno yoga. use the technological stack to empower people]
  • hardware? "i'm more of a software guy"

Omni Proposals

  • using basement room to assemble lighting equipment. ripping up carpet.
  • membership - worktrade issues includes keeping the space clean >

  • perhaps a protocol for remote participation in meetings so that it would not require adding to the main minutes to interact, could be considered. next time?