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Sudoroom Weekly Meeting June 3, 2015


icebreaker question: what is the nature of your hacker emergency? alternate question: what is a good icebreaker question? or: what have you been up to lately? or: what is the best way to delay a meeting from starting?

  • yar: it involves rock, mud and airborn organisms
  • substack: back from europe
  • bill; passed exam, researching surveillance in the middle east
    • bill wants to help resurrect cryptoparties
  • daniel is getting more into sudoroom remote meetings, instead of nothing at all.
  • marc: not sleeping
  • matt: (A) it's urgent. (B) "what is the best way to delay a meeting from starting?" (C) I was in the forest!
  • johnny: just like this
  • lesley: issues with css buttons; omega project
  • sam: not banned;
  • noemie; upstairs

we finally have quorum and we don't have to decide anything


  • informal discussion of how it'd be cool to project the meeting notes again
  • matt sets one up
  • marc says we're wasting time. sit down.


  • $410 per week from gratipay
  • ~$480 per month from sudo-humans
  • not sustainable but buying us more time

omega projects

what's cool at sudoroom this week?

  • friends from shenzhen here to compete in a robot competition, visited monday, did cool stuff with CV
  • if the robot learns 3d scanning then it can do face painting and give haircuts. what could possibly go wrong
  • matt sorted shit, is setting up a radio
  • old linode is down forever, no longer paying $40/mo for a fucking website
  • laser cutter ventilation is THROUGH THE ROOF LITERALLY
  • soon we'll have a mesh node on the roof too
  • buying gigabit wifi for omni
    • CCL fundraiser at 24/30k


  • lesley: do we need to be sleek and startupey? want an old noisebridge or new noisebridge aesthetic? now they have a bidet. feels safer but i'm not bothered by this.
  • yar: i think we have room for multiple aesthetics
  • marc: it's important to be able to find the tools. easier to deal with mess if you just bringing your own laptop
  • matt: but if you know where they are it's easier to steal
  • lesley: cheap rfid or speakers to attach to everything
  • daniel: really, messy places are not motivators to start projects, at least in my gray matter.
  • juul: agree. i like how noisebridge is atm.
  • daniel: should check noisebridge and see how they do deal w this. don't be jelous. :)
  • juul: by being less open to the public than they used to be. and having a few volunteers recently spend a crazy amount of effort organizing the space.
  • daniel: I see. thx juul.
  • daniel: a week or so ago in irc someone mentioned about what to do with the wall vertical space, and i thought that would be nice to have a rack there so members can hang their bikes there. one idea: http tinyurl com pbbbxgk
  • long conversation about shelves for outgoing stuff where things move around the shelves to indicate how imminently trashy they are
  • yar: like anything else this can be solved by ubiquitous surveillance
  • or it could be a fun meeting activity to go through the shelf
  • [matt wheels over the shelf. it begins.]
    • there's a weird tape recorder shit, there's a lava lamp shaped tesla coil
    • haggling over a mostly-empty bottle of windshield fluid
    • weird beer coasters aka wind chimes aka hard drive platters
  • extremely naive conversation about illegal dumping
  • someone really wants to just put it in other peoples' dumpsters


  • optikallusions got insurance or something
  • sudoroom should itemize our assets so we could get reimbursed for big stuff like printers, robots, tools, etc

non-profit status

  • our lawyer is still waiting for a copy of last year's tax stuff because someone submitted it without making a copy first

cell phone chargers

  • someone came in wanting to charge their phone
  • there is not currently anything shaped like micro-usb on the table, although many things could be hacked into such a shape

computer request

  • jim from food not bombs just walked in requesting a computer. his broke.
  • we had a huge pile but they were all stolen. a few desktops left.
  • pretty sure we know who stole them
  • maybe come by on linux installfest fridays!
  • prolly not stolen, if the ones under the server room area are the ones in question, let's check w Ed. I will. No these are a bunch of laptops and harddrives from the shelves. Oh crap. That's not good.


  • he slept here a lot, agreed not to, kept doing it, was told to leave, said nah, still comes back, walked through here earlier tonight
  • conflict is still in process, we should let process happen and not jump to conclusions. it's in mediation.



  • daniel temp note: yesterday i ran a check on poodle attack against, just for fun. :) well, i did it for work, so i checked sr as well. -we are cool. :)I also ran it against, clear also.
  • yar: don't make it a temp note, we are proud of our opsec
  • (thx yar)


which things on the list are in sudo?

  • sign on the door to the basement saying "this is not an exit"
  • "install emergency exit sign w/ frog eyes. Actually, confirm w/ Fire since this door opens west into sudo, instead of outward."
  • "run more 3/4" conduit further down west wall. Must know code."
  • "5LB ABC Fire extinguishers at correct height every ~75' - starting with under each exit sign"
  • "Install covered ceiling light in sudo hallway, facing sudo just before doorway to cafe"
  • hallway bathroom: emergency lighting module (frog eyes) needs be installed (as in in every bathroom)
  • west wall: do better job of affixing & routing low-voltage 'inside wiring' ie all ethernet, phone cabling
  • Create dedicated space for storing excess lumber (long pieces), pipe. metal pieces etc so they are not in jumbles (fire code)
  • door to basement: sand down side of door so it does not stick closed so bad (belt sander optimal)
  • hallway door: Install panic hardware & lock to this door
  • install closers on all 3 doors: hallway, basement, stage
  • stairwell to basement: replace bare-bulb temp. fixture in stairwell, with covered fixture


  • some dedicated people are working on doors and lights throughout the building
  • electrical needs to be a real contractor
  • mostly we just need to look clean & legit
  • yar: we don't want people to die here. need to really feel it in our hearts

laminating machine

yes we have one


  • what happened? huh? which sam? not the one here
  • nobody here knows the details
  • marc: not the first time this guy's been a problem. already been banned from another hackerspace. give him some time up?
  • substack: delegating to individual ppl is possibly not the best way to go because it's a big emotional burden
  • yar: but when you bring it to meetings it's peoples' first impression and they're like fuck these dramatic ppl
  • bill says we seem low-drama
  • substack: you should've been here 4 months ago omg
  • this guy might be outside right now. he was when substack came in
  • the email thread:
    • fuck this we are not dealing with it (too much name confusion)
  • no bullshit
  • matt: also don't want to escalate the situation
  • "several messes and strange assemblages"
  • everybody is too confused about who's talkign about who so fuck this. don't even know who we're supposed to ban anymore.

new newbie night

  • let's do it tuesday nights because hardware hacking is so successful
  • let's ask jake if he's down?
  • it doesn't matter if he's down
  • while looking for pictures of sam we found some photo of one of sudoroom's first events. thinking about reaching out to old folks who haven't been around as much
  • yar: every time i think about that, i decide to wait until we pass more milestones with the building. want to invite people into something fun, not something that's just a lot of hard amorphous stressful work. i think passing the fire inspection and getting the permits recognized will have a positive cascade effect though.


8:34 DOOR EVENT: somebody swiped into the building 8:37 DOOR EVENT: somebody swiped into the building