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Sudo Room Weekly Meeting June 17, 2015

last week:


icebreaker q:

   do a few seconds of your favorite dance? 
   how much hack would a hacker hack if a true hack could hack you?
  • Matt - raised the roof :( ; quite a bit
  • Romy - the maca-hacker-ona; as much as many sleepless nights they could hack!
  • Sam - chair acrobatic 360 spin; Until the coffee runs out...
  • deilann: apparently my faveorite dance is getting people to change their colors on the pad
  • Torrie - no name ;) -- except through another dance (and it's dances all the way down) ; three fish who look like a little bit red... it's an answer, but not to the question.
  • Patrick - New hackerspace excitement ; About 42.
  • Daniel - I only dance when nobody's watching.
  • AZ & Carl are running "how much ku could a haikuku if a haiku could ku you?" -- answer: "ku" or "you"? Your entirety.
  • Lesley - if a true hack could hack the hacker, i would be both careful and vastly more than the hacker I am.
  • ffaust - anything in a minor key, assuming i can dance that day
  • yar: the "i can't charge my laptop" dance

fire which things on the list are in sudo?

sign on the door to the basement saying "this is not an exit" - this is done
"install emergency exit sign w/ frog eyes. Actually, confirm w/ Fire since this door opens west into sudo, instead of outward."
"run more 3/4" conduit further down west wall. Must know code."
"5LB ABC Fire extinguishers at correct height every ~75' - starting with under each exit sign"
"Install covered ceiling light in sudo hallway, facing sudo just before doorway to cafe"
hallway bathroom: emergency lighting module (frog eyes) needs be installed (as in in every bathroom)
west wall: do better job of affixing & routing low-voltage 'inside wiring' ie all ethernet, phone cabling
Create dedicated space for storing excess lumber (long pieces), pipe. metal pieces etc so they are not in jumbles (fire code)
door to basement: sand down side of door so it does not stick closed so bad (belt sander optimal)
hallway door: Install panic hardware & lock to this door
install closers on all 3 doors: hallway, basement, stage
stairwell to basement: replace bare-bulb temp. fixture in stairwell, with covered fixture


some dedicated people are working on doors and lights throughout the building
electrical needs to be a real contractor
mostly we just need to look clean & legit
yar: we don't want people to die here. need to really feel it in our hearts

hallway door

  • swings the wrong way, needs panic bar
  • dusty & anka working on it, but dusty is leaving (for a bit, not forever)
  • concern that swinging the other way would hit people coming out of the bathroom - but the tape measurer says it's fine


need more

new members

jessie aka rainbow unicorn of catopia

  • want to hack things here. book scanner & woodworking. hardware hacknights eventually. sewing. skill-share.
  • what do? hack stuff. sew. woodworking. hh. community building. finding a reliable way up to the rafters. things. stuff.
  • what share? how to build stuff with wood, pipes, electrical, plumbing. runaway physicist. help with science & math. only proficient at sewing. python.
  • never banned
  • 3 + 20 = 23
  • fuck capitalism
  • it's bigger than we can fix. small scale farming.
  • encryption. keep cops/fbi out.
  • community building. self sufficiency outside of structures of capitalism or within it if we have to. skill sharings. no walmart.
  • values: safe space important. want to help with. accessibility important too. also community building and space for radical community important.
  • history: a decent amount.
  • solidarity: hasn't read it.
  • safer space policy: has ideas to make it better
  • definitely an undercover cat +
  • what makes you happy? things

patrick od

  • moved here from ireland, failed at startups but had fun, met cool people, couldn't give up the bay area. now involved in hackerspaces it's like a thing. hacks things at noisebridge. do infrastructurey things. crypto things. teach journalists how to keep sources safe. deal with info. like hackerspaces. they attract good people.
  • found sudoroom via someone, forgot. lots of whispers.
  • why? make hackerspaces succeed, achieve goals, teach people, have fun. freedom, rights, using tech to help people and not optimize them out of existence.
  • what hack? mesh is awesome.
  • what share? energy to help get things done. problem solving. making spaces work, help people feel empowered. teach crypto tools. protect your data. communities are hard work and i don't mind putting in some of that work.
  • more empathy, more listening
  • raise awareness. more empathy. create tools for others.
  • build better more usable crypto. teach everyone. get a lawyer.
  • values? inclusivity, space to do creative educational things and help each other. place for community and not individual steamrolling or [??] above others
  • history? ~4yo. wasn't always here. part of omni. always nonprofit, seeking 501c3. lurks on mailing list.
  • omni solidarity: not familiar, but yes with the omni and its collectives.
  • omni ssp: people should feel free to express themselves, should not be persecuted for any expression of gender, SO, political views, etc. not for others to trash them, etc. no malicious prejudice.
  • jessie: protected political beliefs don't include bigotry...
  • "hey you communist fucker" ... does that mean you fuck communists? [discussion]
  • non-malicious bigotry is also not allowed (really?) (really)
  • never banned, not a cop, not a cat. can't hold any of these positions as an immigrant. not [a bunch of irish things] either. also not part of the spanish inquisition. (so you are expected?) (that's not how logic works, or history for that matter)(point and set, thx)
  • what makes you happy? hacking, sharing, community, friendship
  • hackerspaces aren't a place you go to "not fuck up". it's a place you go to contribute to a community.
  • deilann: elaboration? can't figure out what this means.
    • refers to people at noisebridge who were just taking advantage of the space and people and being rules lawyers trying to get away with microaggressions and shit (thx)


  • Torrie - ADA wheelchair stencils for omni commons & sudo room! PLZ
    • deilann: please don't use the ADA wheelchair stencils. they're super gross and portray wheelchair users badly.
      • Lesley: what is a more dignified alternative?
      • Torrie: Unless there's an alternative suggested, I'm going to cut some stencils and spray paint them on the floors next time I'm around
        • deilann: wtf that is really fucked up and yes, there is an alternative:
          • Torrie: Neat! I'll cut that.
          • FWIW, I don't get why asking for an alternative is fucked :)
            • deilann: it's not asking for an alternative, it's telling a wheelchair user who said that the ADA universal access sign is really gross that if I don't immediately supply and alternative, you're just going to spray paint it on the floor anyway.
          • Torrie: Lets talk about this AFK instead of in a notepad.
            • deilann: this is not the kind of conversation that I have well face to face, but whevs.
  • its a matter of pausing to access the context of each point of view. take a moment to think you each could be the other.
    • deilann: i think my opinion on things related to wheelchair-user issues are more valid than torrie's.
      • ok and i think you are right just not about what it would be like to be torrie. there may have been good reasons that obscured your pov -- not good to obscure it... if anyone wants to talk after i can if you want; sorry for butting in.
        • deilann: I don't think Torrie gets a free card to be rude about disability issues to someone with a disability because "I don't understand Torrie"

she doesn't. not what i am saying and i apologize for all the idiots that make it so likely that it was. besides a)i have mobility issues and b)i wasn't there for tone etc so i am going back over to the sidebar now

Missing Piece of Plywood

deilann: no, seriously. if anyone knows what happened, please tell me. I worked pretty hard on those measurements and it took me some time. :/ I put it on the cart when I was done, with tape on both sides that said "Do Not Hack - ryan" and it has vanished into the æther. A *lot* of work was put into looking for it and it has not come up.


  • they can't make rent, want to share their office with other groups. other groups don't want to be member collectives or part of TIL. want to pay money directly to omni. some kind of tenant relationship.
  • torrie: noisebridge philanthropists. member in good standing sponsors someone else to have 24/7 access without being a member. they have to sign something. revokable, temporarily - 30 day window for resolving problems. extra revenue stream. RFID. trivial to add people. ssh access.
  • they didn't realize utilities weren't prorated. they blew a year's budget in 6 months.
  • deilann: I guess my biggest concerns are the standard sharing space concerns and whether or not we can trust those tenants. The former are not our issue, but the latter... I think that tenants should be discussed at the general meeting, even if it's a sublet type situation.
  • yar: we should abstain. not sudoroom's problem, not a big risk IMO although I understand the hypothetical risk of taking on a tenant
    • deilann: agreed on abstaining, as long as tenants are still vetted through omni.
  • yar: but we should really look emji & joel in the eye and ask "are you SURE you trust these people not to fuck us over, you can vouch for them, etc"
  • deilann: i would be down with that, as long as they are taking responsibility. and we aren't actually required to make eye contact
  • itwouldn't have been without consent & was thoughtless <3::
    • deilann: I am assuming this is a joke, but it shows a serious lack of solidarity and mistrust in emji and joel. we also try not to record at the delegate's meeting or without people's consent.
  • long talk about noisebridge buying the building which turns into stories about people breaking things
  • decision: 4 members are ok with it, 1 abstains, 0 blocks, 1 remote abstain

ticket booth room

  • decision: 5 members don't care and/or are fine with it, 0 blocks, 1 remote not caring at all