Meeting Notes 2015-07-08

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Sudo room meeting - 8 July 2015


Intro q: What's one thing you'd like to work on in the near future?

  • James (repurpose clothing, films and multimedia)
  • Jenny (bookbinding, making journals)
  • Matt (fixing something)
  • Sam (airship)
  • Lesley (?)
  • substack (serial data web app through an audio jack
  • Marina (solar setup on her boat)
  • Ed (catch up on email)
  • Daniel (public terminal sweetness)


  • Cyber Wizard Institute begins again August 1-15th
  • Fundraising working group meeting again, 6:30pm on Mondays
  • Aiming to pass fire inspection by August 1st, remaining To Dos are posted throughout the building by room, typically under the lightswitches (for sudo is on the back of the yellow lockers)
  • Daniel's friend volunteered to buy the keyboards for the donated eeepcs
    • She's also interested in putting on some educational workshops

[segue for robotvoice play]



  • Intro - James Moon, from the Mission district of SF, Hawaiian resident - just returned after 30 years. Community builder, wants to get into repurposed clothing, working on some film projects - WYX.COM DOES NOT LOAD
    • Referred to by the Creative Depot for Reuse, "go visit the commies over there", involved with CellSpace and SPAZ. Into multimedia stuff, does massage. Wants to involve youth and stuff. Likes to do stuff and solve problems
  • Why sudo? Likes getting in there and making things, multitasking, mad science labs. Digs the nonhierarchy. Let me know if i rub you the wrong way, just be noncombative, will listen
  • What hack/learn? ? didn't really grok this answer if someone can fill in -- What do you mean by "hack" [Matt says 'as broad as you can imagine']. Made a backronym of "HACK" [not sure what it was now...], but also answered the question: likes hacking things he doesn't know yet, but also applying the knowledge/skills he does have.
  • What to share/teach at Sudo? "Basic seamstress, good at putting random things together, interpersonal dynamics in projects that involve more than one person, how to take concepts and manifest the final form then apply a usage"
  • q2: What's your plan to ensure freedom and privacy of communication for all? in 10 words or less - Hold ourselves and everyone else accountable, complete transparency and accountability
  • What do you know about sudo room's values? Inclusivity, equality, tolerance, expansiveness, exploration
  • What do you know about sudo room's history? "I'm still learning about that"
  • What do you know about the Omni Commons' statement of solidarity? "There's a lot to digest" Addrdessing issues of people that are disadvantaged, their sovereignty, collective quality of people pulling together in the space w/out pyramid/hierarchy/control structures
  • What do you know about the Omni Commons' safer space policy? Haven't read yet, intend to revisit it
  • Have you ever been banned from a hackerspace or any other collective? No
  • Are you a cop? No, peace officer
  • A federal agent? No
  • An undercover cop? No
  • An undercover cat? Snarf. No
  • What makes you happy? Music, art, surfing, people working together and creating ??? where everyone is satisfied. kids, rainbows, waterfalls, culture
  • What do you think of being back in the Bay after being away from the Mission for 30 years? Doesn't like being in SF much anymore, culture shift. Feels immediately stressed. Refreshed in the East Bay.

Pending Members

  • 6/17: Patrik & Jessie (extended pondering ends next week)
  • 6/24: karissa


  • Better preface to the membership interview, what's going to happen, what the process is
  • On the website it says 'Intention to Join' which doesn't sound like the actual application


  • tomorrow at 2pm all fire extinguishers in the building will be certified & mounted by a volunteer fire expert
  • piles of wood can be cleaned up in a massive party the day before the inspection
  • jessie is working on rehanging doors around the building - sudo hallway door is on the list (after ballroom)
    • Anyone who wants to help should get Jessie's (my) number from someone and text me when you are availible.
  • still could use more conduit around sudo to cut down on extension cords, but maybe not worrying about it until we consult with klaus maybe. also CCL will be doing theirs.
  • get an expert like whitney to estimate how much it'd cost to have proper outlets, for example, by the 3d printers or hanging from the ceiling
  • basement door - doesn't need a closer. not a fire exit, and our occupancy isn't very high. so don't need to sand it either.
  • looks like the hallway ceiling light is covered by a fixture now. yay!


  • July rent, insurance and June expenses paid: ~$2400
  • Currently in bank account: $722.95
  • Paypal: $309.93


  • Rent: $2000/month
  • Utilities, insurance and taxes: $300
  • Insurance: $94


  • gratipay: 285.96*4 = 1145
  • stripe: 675
  • total: 1145 + 675 = $1820

Cash flow:

  • 2400 - 1820 = $-580

Cash in the bank: $1031 Existential money crisis in: 1.78 months


  • interlude to fix a giant up-high lightbulb

whiteboard / projector screen

  • does sudoroom want a giant whiteboard? on the wall? on wheels? hanging from the rafters?
  • matt supports all whiteboard-related initiatives
  • jenny says there's a bunch bouncing around
  • no objections to whiteboard do-o-cracy :)
  • also a projector screen is much needed
  • nobody knows if we have our own projector. so probably not. lots of others floating around omni but they are used elsewhere.

mesh parts

  • daniel's looking for the boxes to terminate lines to finish wiring the omni second-floor area. marc ordered some to be delivered to his house. where are they?
    • Jenny: They are in a cardboard box on a chair next to the servers.

Action Items

  • See if Whitney can give us feedback on outlets around the 3D printer area, tagging onto our open electrical permit [Jenny]