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Sudo room meeting - 15 July 2015

last week:


if you had a magic wand, what would you make it do?

  • Jessie: abolish capitialsm. Don't make me explain how wands do that. I dunno.
  • Andrew - works at Lawrence Hall of Science, previously a member of Vancouver HackSpace, took a break from hackspaces for the past year, finally made it here!
  • max, wanna make underwater drones here, efficient & light power storage
  • kelvin, bioinformatics to regulate your body and stuff
  • lesley: abolish capitalism, I'll second jessie. And establish a freer resource-based economy, which would make almost everything else I could list here more do-able.
  • yar, a turkey sandwich like in the simpsons episode. everything else could go wrong somehow. maybe an elevator at the omni
  • ed, wants to reverse the expansion of the universe
  • jenny, abolish patriarchy also. hmm.
  • sierk, something about occupy & honolulu, idk
  • ryan, eradicate the people who keep disrespecting "do not hack" signs
  • daniel, i'd make myself always assume everyone has good intentions
  • matt, manic organizing & sorting, make more magic wands, or something arbitrary like saving his own life in a pinch
  • matthew, delegate the decision to someone who's not a complete mess
  • rob, wants a star trek transporter instead of an elevator, hacking on lighting etc, i'd invoke perpetual lulz upon the world. but not the nefarious kind at other peoples' expenses


  • preparing to buy the omni. learning about the legal options. meeting mondays at 6:30. soon will have a building-wide conversation about it. July 23rd special omni general meeting / Q&A on this subject
  • omni plans to schedule a fire inspection soon. yes there are lists of code violations to fix, on paper in every single room.
    • Hinge party to bring ballroom doors up to code on Friday at noon. rehanging doors so they close properly ala fire code
  • New Donation ready to pick up: includes cisco switches, server rails, UPSs, four post rack shelf, lcd flat displays (nice ones), etc. will require one w a truck or car w good space. Would have to go trough donation process: about six cisco switches. email images to juul, on monday. - Ask daniel-a for more deets.
  • sunday morning basement cleaning party, maybe make room for bike storage
  • radical therapy workshop this friday at 6:
  • come to linux installfest fridays! put it on your own cpu or help maintain all the omni public terminals
  • hillary bought 15 keyboards for the netbooks, yay!


  • jenny forgot to pay $500 utilities bill for april, so things are actually even worse :(
  • Current balance: ~$1400 - ~$500 = ~$900
  • gratipay: 286/week
  • stripe: 750/mo

How to contribute:


  • vancouver hackspace got a lot of new members from parties
  • ryan: problem with newbie night was people power but if we do it monthly or biweekly maybe that would be easier

new members

max schwartz

  • gonna have a mech engineering degree soon hopefully. likes radio controlled stuff & helicopters & underwater things.
  • wandered in and there was nobody in here, then i sat around and matt showed up and i helped get rid of ewaste, then i came here
  • why? some space to work on projects
  • hwat hack? underwater robotics, drone type things, stealing your coax
  • what share? anything with radio controlled stuff, servos, wifi video
  • q1: i don't know
  • q2: we could just eat algea, right? we'll be fine
  • q3: live underground and never release any transmissions
  • values: don't know a lot. more philosophy than i expected
  • history: pretty new, couple years
  • omni sos: know nothing
  • omni ssp: just read it and seems legit
  • never been to a hackerspace or collective, therefore not banned
  • not a cop or a cat
  • happy: i like boats, sailboats
  • how big is your sailboat: 29 feet
  • ed: are you aware we have no money and we need your money? max: $60 sounds good, we can do that.
  • saw sudoroom online, was looking at other hackerspaces. everyone else was either welding huge stuff or sitting around on computers all day. i wanted something inbetween. live in oakland.
  • ideally i'll have a lot of underwater drones in a network in the ocean. you can sell time to scientists like with a giant telescope.
  • will they be open source? yeah! you can pipe in live oceanographic video into an 8th grade classroom or whatever.
  • will think of a nym to disambiguate from other maxes

pending members

  • 6/17: jessie, patrick OD <-- becoming members this week!
  • 6/24: karissa
  • 7/8: james moon


  • ryan bought bolt cutters
  • matt labelled lockers, thinks we should buy locks to pre-lock them, and give keys to people when they start paying
  • ryan: it should be need-based. what are you able to pay? how much do you need to store?
  • matt: how about asking for exceptions like with membership?
  • yar: i would love a smaller locker, i don't need as much storage space as i have right now
  • matt: how about figure out the volume of those $30/mo lockers and price the others relative to those?
  • Jessie: I'll take a tape measure to them and get back to people. Just an answer for volume, no opinion on how to price, jazz hands for the need based excpetions idea.
  • ryan: i need secure wood storage for large pieces that i cut. wouldn't fit in a locker
  • Jessie: (omni secure storage? not a good permaoption but...)
  • matt: rob & i will figure out pricing for lockers, maybe patch up the harry potter closet, padlock it, turn into all-member storage
  • ryan: wouldn't be big enough for my stuff
  • yar: has anyone mined the info@ emails yet to figure out which of them are actually claimed?
  • matt: not yet, another to-do
  • yar: how private is the locker info? we shouldn't post a list publically of who uses what locker, right?
    • two lists - who has a locker, and what lockers are used?
  • also make distinction between personal storage and sudo/omni projects


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