Meeting Notes 2015-07-29

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Sudoroom Meeting July 29, 2015

last week:

who's here?

  • remote-jnny
  • yar
  • remotely substack
  • remote-daniel


  • Becoming Omni Commons - planning meeting Sunday Aug 9 2-6 (4 hours)


nobody talked about this

omni delegates

  • who's doing this now?
  • no responses. defaults to yar and matt senate, as usual

Next Scheduled Reboot

  • yar's thoughts: Sudoroom should go through a new visioning process, a lot seems to have evolved. Having a strong coherent vision would eliminate the temptation for an awkward political litmus test of new members

brainstorm: what is sudoroom?

  • yar: taking ownership of ourself, our tools, our data, our lives
  • yar: entryism - radicalize tech from the inside
  • yar: teaching computers for free - cyberwizard
  • yar: internet for free - mesh
  • yar: free as in ... [fill in the blank]
  • yar: making scary things fun. antidote to burnout & impostor syndrome
  • yar: resources for the commons, the community
  • substack: a place for us to plot the revolution!
  • substack: digital empowerment
  • daniel: a place that offers opportunities to learm computer technology
  • daniel: a place to create/invent/fix/improve software/hardware

Omni Proposals

Global Womens Strike

forgot to ask

black hole's stuff

forgot to ask

buying the building

nobody showed up to the meeting by 7:10 so yar ran around the building asking every sudoroom member "should we buy the building?" and found 8 and they all said yes (matthew s, matt s, robb, ryan, jessie, yar, marc, patrick).

  • remote-daniel: Yes, let's buy the building. Si, compremos el edificio! :)
  • remote jenny agrees
  • the deed is done. no wait, i thought that was just a figure of speech! case closed.