Meeting Notes 2015-08-05

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Sudoroom weekly meeting, Aug 5, 2015

last week:


icebreaker q: what's going on?

  • yar: my phone, constantly
  • marc/juul
  • ben: thought he'd stop by a meeting
  • erik: waiting for wife who's doing iGEM thing. will join our meeting.
  • sam: trying to learn dhcp so he can has working internet on his computer
  • leslie: just got done with cyber wizard on how the internet works
  • september: just moved in with leslie
  • rob: rebirth
  • matt: (waiting for him to join)


  • erik: inside out for $5 at tuesday's at the grand lake theatre
  • the rest of the week and all of next week
  • Battlemesh is happening right now. Tunabananas.
  • Rob needs some slide potentiometers. Around 10k ohms to finish the stage lighting.

new members

ben sigma

  • seems like a cool space with interesting values. i also value openness & transparency & learning how things work. seems like a fun environment to figure stuff out. people seem pretty excellent. done tech quite a while. trained to work on deep neural networks. 5D VR minecraft renderer w/arbitrary geometry.
  • found it on google or something. googled "hackerspaces".
  • why? seems interesting, wants to participate, would be better mental space to contribute if i'm a member
  • what hack? deep neural networks, electronics, 3d printing, cncs, computer vision, robot arm
  • what share? 3d graphics, c++, maybe neural networks
  • 10.1 open education for everyone and enact a world in which everyone can have everything
  • 10.2 unify physics, invent time machine
  • 10.3 good encryption, lots of networks
  • values? read wiki. openness, transparency. likes rm -rf poster on wall because categorical boxing of ideas can be obstructive to open communication. ethos of making things.
  • history? matt seems to have played a substatial role. visited 2141, dunno much as i could
  • omni sos? not much
  • omni safer space? reading now.
  • never banned, not a cop, not a cat
  • happy? seratonin, oxytocin
  • what kind of graphics stuff? opengl interactives [?] various shaders, using gpus. rob wants him to work on stage lighting
  • goes to noisebridge but not officially
    • matt have you been to other hackerspaces?
    • ben: been to hackerdojo
    • marc: so no


  • 7/15 - 8/12 max schwartz (pondering ends next week)
  • 7/22 - 8/19 leon (pondering ends in 2 weeks)


  • Sudo Room 1023(ez) shortform 501(c)3 application on github:
  • matt: we have a weird rambling history of becoming a corporate entity
  • marc: no context please. just tell us what's going on
  • yar: we hired a lawyer to do this for us, they're still working on it. not done yet.


  • matt put $165 in bank account from random cash
  • marc is treasurer, doesn't have access to account yet
  • on July 28 we paid 2k to omni
  • balance now is $1154.54 -- not enough. never enough. we're supposed to have 3 months buffer
  • erik has questions about membership dues
  • gratitpay is at $433.61/week (directly to paypal)
  • stripe last month was $800/mo


Womens Global Strike

  • offering $300, planning to help raise more funds
  • tomorrow we'll ask them if they're trans inclusive
  • we'll also ask them what their specific space needs are -- especially for exclusive space, frequency of meetings / activities, approximate volume of people (say ~5 meetings per week with <10 people)
    • A: About 1 meeting per week small group, small desk-work, and big events.
  • do you have any concerns about committments and hurdles with Omni Commons organizing (the organizing we do together to support our space)?
    • Really excited to be in a collective space, not just non-profits.
  • Decision:
  • In favor: Matt, Yar, Romy, Sam, Lesley, Rob, Marc, Niki
  • Abstaining: Substack, Patrik D
    • Empower sudo room's Omni Commons delegate to approve Global Women's Strike pending any major concern arising from answering the questions above.

Buy the Building?

  • yar: it's that or we all declare bankruptcy . really.
  • In favor: yar, matt, robb, romy, patrick d, sam, lesley, marc, Patrick Xu,
  • Abstaining: NOBODY

omni becoming 501c3

  • In favor: yar, matt, robb, romy, sam, lesley, marc,
  • Abstaining: NOBODY

delegates meeting weekly again

  • In favor: yar, matt, robb, romy, sam, lesley, marc,
  • Abstaining: NOBODY

bike parking

  • In favor: yar, matt, romy, sam, lesley, marc,
  • Abstaining: NOBODY

Wednesday Music

  • Regular live music event in ballroom on Wednesdays 5pm-10pm? (Would disrupt our meeting, what do you all think? We could move the mtg too)
  • disagreement
  • Request that they move this event to another day if that's preferable for them. Also ask if it's possible to fit in the Disco Room at first? Otherwise, we can try it out anyway and try to find a room that's both (a) accessible and (b) relatively private / quiet.
    • Could try disco room, la commune, basement, etc.
  • yar wants to just try it, let them do their thing and see how it works
  • matt says it's gonna be too loud, experience of linux installfest on fridays