Meeting Notes 2015-11-04

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Sudoroom Weekly Meeting Wednesday November 4 2015


say your name, pronoun, and a message for Sudoroom of the year 2020

  • torrie doesn't participate in the pad anymore because she got yelled at about wheelchair symbols
  • yar: sorry we didn't get it together sooner
  • john visiting from shanghai. no idea now.
  • torrie: RUN
  • mari: since technology's gonna be a lot smaller, try to be more organized
  • dane: have you seen drake's hotline bling video?
    • 2 different people dressed as this video at castro halloween party
  • carl: now that you've hacked the planet, now hack the universe!
  • Alex: remote


  • cleaning space on saturday! help hack & beautify!
  • building bloc on saturday 2pm - collective for

New Members


  • moved here 2 weeks ago from ann arbor. going to school for information science. weather's nicer here. radical atlernative friends out here. wants to get involved in projects. makerspace in urbana IL. likes idea of sudoroom in omni. good fit
  • came here a year ago for anarchist bookfair, asked around sudo
  • wants to do more autodidactic learning of XML, code. not tech savvy enough, supposed to be a librarian. likes volunteer consensus mindset. open-minded radical queer poc breaking down usual dynamics of boring whiteness
  • what do you want to hack or learn at sudoroom? xml, javascript, html
    • torrie: frontend
    • database dev
  • share or teach? can show people how to dance like drake. computer skills low-tech, quasi-luddite
    • talk about XML vs JSON vs YAML
  • 10.1 improve my understanding, something my mistakes, inform others
  • 10.2 drake's hotline bling video on youtube
  • 10.3 abolish the state and all mediated forms of life
  • values? medium moderate mild knowledge. oriented totwards inclusiveness, anti-normative dude-oriented hacker environments, googlized mindset.
  • history? knows litt.e used to be downtown with baps
  • sos? dunno
  • safe space? dunno but familiar with safer space
  • nevre banned
  • no no no no, yes a cat
  • happy? kombucha, drake dancing
  • speaks no foreign languages
    • discussion of linguistics and programming languages
    • devolves further into discussion of bitcoin


  • 10/7 - Tom is not yet a member pending clarifying member-application with counter culture labs, Daron applied and is now a member! Yay!
    • Matt found a couple access cards and can set up Daron with one
    • Tom is not a member, his membership was blocked during the initial pondering pending resolving his membership application with Counter Culture Labs!
  • 10/14 - Alex, Lef & Mari applied on 10/14 and pondering ends next week
    • alex was the first person to sleep at noisebridge, and the first to be asked to leave for sleeping. but welcome there again. no blocks
  • 10/21 Merry applied on 10/21 and is being blocked
  • 10/28 Andrew applied last week


  • Supersonic Pandemonium applied for Omni membership. Some Sudoroom members had concerns, showed up on Sunday to talk to them a their meeting, but it seems their meeting didn't happen. For this reason Yar proposes that we delay making a decision, and ask the delegates to delay their decision another 2 weeks (Thursday Nov 19)
  • 3 sudo members present - yar in favor (wrote it), carl & torrie abstain

Homes Not Jails

  • they applied for Omni membership.
  • Jake objected saying they should pay money
  • Yar: But they only want a small closet of space. Seems like not worth fighting over.
  • They are meeting here tonight at the same time we are. Let's talk to them?
  • Jake is still blocking and feels very strongly about it
  • Torrie likes the work they do
  • Dane read a zine by SFHNJ once, likes them
  • Carl is positive towards them
  • nobody physically present here has concerns or objections with them being an omni member collective
    • Wondering if / how Homes Not Jails sees that its activities outside of omni commons could potentially affect omni commons by becoming a member-collective. Like, is it the case that all the Homes Not Jails members currently trust each other enough that they aren't in a position where someone could go do something in the name of or on behalf of east bay homes not jails and then therefore put the rest of the collective in a tough spot--and therefore omni commons potentially?
  • their application
  • sounds like sudoroom will not consent this week, pending further conversation and clarification
  • Yar just had a long conversation with HNJ people talking about the responses. They still want to be part of Omni, are understanding that it requires negotiation and patience. Not expecting an answer this week. They are going to try and fundraise some money, are excited about helping out with projects such as the building working group. They feel strongly about carrying their own weight and having a positive impact on the space. There's a closet in the ticket booth room which has been sitting unused all year long, which they would be happy to help move to the basement and fix up. It's divided in two and they can fix up the other half for someone else to use.