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Sudoroom meeting Wednesday January 6, 2016


name, pronoun, reflections on the passage of time


  • none

bank accounts

  • yar: do we have a new debit card, since we closed our IAFCU account? need to pay digitalocean
    • update: ed just paid for this month. but we still need a new bank account
  • yar: should we get a new bank account?
    • matt: we have to get a new bank account or we're gonna get fucked. i'm willing to go get one.
    • yar: obviously it's a question or we would've done it by now
  • consenting: matt, yar, kkr, marc (everybody here)
  • we're just gonna go ahead and do it
  • yar still has the IAFCU checks in her locker from a million years ago. they'll be collecters items

<secret topic>

  • <secret notes>
    • yar: <secret alternative viewpoint>

new members


  • firmware engineer, inventor. looking for people to work on open source stuff for fun, build stuff. love space & astronomy. networking raspis to look at meteors. pocket spacecraft.
  • originally from cincinnatti hackerspace
  • what hack? everything. hardware stuff, deep sea exploration. robots.
  • what teach? stuff i've learned. plasma physics. nuclear fuser. (glorified neon sign)
  • 10.1 educate myself and others
  • 10.2 fight my own crippling fear of those htings. make cool stuff
  • 10.3 stand up for your rights
  • sos & ssp not a problem
  • never banned
  • email: just joined the mailing list
  • flexible schedule. evenings are great.


  • we just moved to the bay temporarily, don't know a lot of people. i like working on projects with people, creating things.
  • what hack? open to whatever's being done here. ignorant with most things technological. noticed the fermentation lab.
  • what share? woodwork experience
  • 10.1 resist and organize
  • 10.2 ditto
  • 10.3 resist and organize
  • not a problem
  • never banned
  • wide open schedule
  • from rhode island. been living in alaska summers past several years. spending some time in california. all over.


  • Max (applied 12/2) is now a member!
  • 12/30 charley sheets - pondering ends 1/27
  • 12/16 daisy - pondering ends 1/13

homes not jails

  • can we reach consensus finally?
  • yar thinks we should just abstain or say yes to their application
  • matt: last delegates meeting we didn't have enough people
  • marc: i don't have a problem with them being a member collective, i just think groups should wait a while and use the space before applying
  • sounds like we need to abstain because we can't get quorum, but haven't heard any objections in a while
  • ed & julio have no objections
  • kkr abstains
  • what are they paying? labor
  • what tools are they storing here? *touches nose*
  • matt: member collectives need to buy insurance, sign lease, etc. right? have we talked about that? it's a bad lease, but that's the reality
    • yar: i think we should focus on what we want, and then figure out what we need to do to make it happen
    • they probably can't pay for insurance, i would just assume that
  • carl thinks they should have more of a financial stake. ed agrees.
  • matt: chiapas & gws insurance were expensive but they're paying for it. it's a simple requirement.
    • it's a weird requirement of our lease. not normal. but that's where we are.
  • yar: straw poll. sudoroom members, who has an objection to them storing tools in the basement or members having key card access for a 3 month period? no objections. 9 people present (also, julio & marc just left and also had no objections)
  • also, if the insurance question was figured out to make our landlord happy, and if they committed specific contributions of labor towards the building, who would still have an objection to them being a member collective? again, no objections.
  • specific ways to measure contribution?
    • showing up for wg meetings
    • deliverable projects
    • hours?


  • the dog is running for senate vs feinstein

Western Federal Credit Union

Move from our closing Internet Credit Union to Western Federal Credit Union, empowering our treasurer, Marc Juul to create the account with the help of Matt Senate:

  • Vote: 10-0-0 (quorum is 10)