Meeting Notes 2016-02-24

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sudoroom meeting Wednesday 24 Feb 2016


Icebreaker question: Who ya gonna call?

  • matt / he/him - phone home
  • robb: he/him - I don't know
  • brian: he/him - damnit--I'll call my mom
  • chris: he/him - calling your mom
  • yar: i forgot who i was gonna call. i opened my phone and got distracted by neko atsume


  • community meeting on sunday, 7pm, re: the shooting at 48th & Shattuck this past Saturday. internal omni discussion thursday, 7pm.


  • $887 currently in the bank
  • $2,000 due on March 1st
  • Another $187 withdrawn by stripe re: disputes this past week
  • $263.89 coming in from paypal ($150 from max klein re: the sonic modem return) = 1150.89 in the bank
  • Tell Stripe why we can't make rent this month:

new members

how to get them?

  • chris: more events. put upcoming events on the dead center of the calendar & social media campaign w/local hacker networking.

happer hacky hour

  • who's hosting this week?
  • yar signed up for march 4, but forgot that's first friday, when i usually do the omni booth. can someone else please take that date?
    • Robb and Yar are SWITCHING (now Mar 4 and Mar 11, respectively)

omni proposals