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sudoroom meeting Wednesday 2016-April-13

new members

  • Abhiram
    • I went to school in Florida, got a job here
    • the robot brought Abhiram
    • interested in cryptoparties
    • what to share or teach? good with computers and cooking
    • plan to abolish sexual violence etc: interact with more people, man. different people.
    • plan to end anthropocene extinction etc: that I honestly don't have an answer. I wish I knew.
    • plan to ensure freedom of...: more open protocols, more free software, would be a start
    • is omni commons code of conduct a problem for you? not really but i think it's gonna depend on the situation
    • have you been banned? never
    • best ways to contact? email or irc: feverdream
    • schedule? i go past here every day
    • matt then explained the remainder of the membership application process
  • Pete Forsyth
    • have identified with hacker concept my whole life, dad was a hacker. concept of hackerspace, was introduced through a similar place up in portland - freegeek - very hackerspace-y
    • what brings you to sudo? beer and meatballs
    • what hack? mostly want to find ways to bring in / involve more - i guess the demographics of sudoroom
    • what teach? wikipedia, wikis
    • plan to abolish sexual violence? be the best person i can. keep it local
    • end anthropocene extinction? stay in bed. (a love-in)
    • freedom of privacy? give me ten pages i might give you an answer
    • SOS and Safer Space policy: entirely possible. seriously. would be surprised if he didn't find some problem with how things are enforced. (Matt explained a bit more about this specific question.) "I'll do my best."
    • Been banned? Nope
    • Best ways to contact? Contact form - also on IRC (nick: peteforsyth) - see also
    • schedule? work from home in w. oakland, don't imagine spending a ton of time here, but might come here to work during the day
  • Dirty Bill
    • intro: wouldn't like to, but will. dirty bill left over from burning man. technologist working with computers, a/v stuff, satellites, hardware/software/databases, all kinds of things. avocation: media art, circuit bending(?), Buddhist, lives in Alameda
    • brought you here? ostensibly looking for a place to have a workshop. got here, utterly charmed by both place and matt, personally. all him.
    • what hack/learn? i like hardware stuff, so circuit bending, video stuff. software not strong point, neither networking, so would want to bolster those
    • what share/teach? circuit bending, video art projection, monitors, etc. also electronic music.
    • plan to ablish sexual violence etc? practice compassion
    • plan to end anthropocene extinction etc? use a titanium spork
    • plan to ensure freedom etc? drink beer
    • SOS etc alluded to once again. DO YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THAT? No, I actively support that.
    • banned? nope
    • contact? People still use IRC? You should email all your spam to me at (slightly paraphrased by charley)
    • schedule? Travel for work, so out about one week a month. Mostly early to mid evenings.
    • Matt explains next steps
  • Chris
    • intro: i've been working dispassionately in the IT business for 24 years... i like it, good enough at it... don't like - skeptical about tech, don't think people think these things through well enough, esp in Silicon Valley, blind assumptions that new is better. skeptical that the world can be improved through inventions. only two that have had lasting valley to the human race (meatballs and beer!) plumbing/irrigation and birth control. want to take down facebook, no reason they should own users' information. bugs me that people are so willing to give up that information. no reason there aren't open protocols, platforms that i have some control over.
    • brought you here? that's what brought me here^
    • what hack/learn? social media tools that are open source
    • what share/teach? happy to teach - good at independent consulting. lots of freedom in being an IT consultant. teach other people how to do that, cuz i feel like all the IT employers just get it too good. IT people like to do their job so much that they just work all the time for free - would like to change that, if people want to listen to that
    • plan to abolish sexual violence etc? on a personal level, see the humanity in other people
    • plan to end anthropocene extinction etc? create a drug that causes mass sterilization
    • plan to ensure freedom etc? teach people encryption.
    • SOS? Prolly not, though it's hard to predict. Usually I get along with everybody, but [inaudible]. I think we can [inaudible]. (jnny: You've already read them?) Yes. (jnny: how'd you feel about it?) Seemed a bit too wishy-washy, like if you want to follow the rules, ok, and if not then whatever.
    • banned? no
    • contact?
    • schedule? work at home, but increasingly can't take -- I need some distraction, so after my morning meetings I'm off to a cafe to have some buzz in the background, so this would be another place I'd park my laptop and work for a while, be interrupted in a good way by somebody and have one of those conversations you [inaudible]
  • Jamie
    • intro: My name is Jamie. I'm a person from Ohio. I'm here in California and I might stay here. We'll see. I'm starting a business with my boyfriend in Argentina to help people explore their soul cartography. Studied computer science - I'm trying to get back into programming. I made these meatballs (many sounds of praise and appreciation). I'm here staying with my friend Charley.
    • what hack? kinda wanna just learn everything about everything. will just watch you guys and figure out what you're doing - if that's okay
    • share/teach? I could teach how to make these meatballs. I do digital art so I could do that too. Whatever people are interested in, I guess.
    • end sexual violence / police brutality - undermine narcissism by healing emotional and psychological wounds. Hell yes!
    • end anthropocene extinction etc? connect with spiritually empowered people across the world to create the Bene Gesserit
    • freedom? let people who know what they're doing do it, and support them, and get off of facebook
    • SOS! Is that gonna be a problem? No. As long as I'm not going to be kicked out for eating gluten free pizza.
      • Matt suggests not being addicted to drugs and stealing things, at the same time
    • Banned? No.
    • Contact? Jlm2112 @ freenode IRC
    • Schedule? Assuming I'm in California, not sure exactly. Optimistic about still being here.

Question about membership fees

There are two exceptions to the new $10/month minimum. We recommend $30--$60 per month.

Jenny provides a quick financial update

Sudo Room's costs are $2000 rent plus utilities (~$300/month) Aspire to have 3x monthly costs in reserve per bylaws We are currently $500 under April rent. Shit's kinda dire right now. We're not about to get kicked out, but things aren't great right now.

Omni's expenses are about $15,000/month (until we buy the building), so if you have sources of large amount of money, please reach out to your network.

A brief discussion of sudomesh occurred, as well as Tuesday and Thursday regular meetups, and crypto parties.

There was a discussion of bookkeeping that this note-taker could not keep up with, but it turns out we're a nonprofit now and it would be beneficial to have bookkeeping going on. Jenny has a spreadsheet she's been maintaining for several years. We would like to have a mechanism to provide tax receipts to donors. It might be best if we could record all donations in sudo-humans and have it generate tax receipts. aprilaser took down some email addresses in order to start an email conversation for continuing the discussion about tax receipts.