Meeting Notes 2016-07-13

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sudo room meeting wedensday 7/13/2016


What are you envious of?

  • Cere: Karina Smigla-Bobinksi
  • Jeremy: Not playing
  • Matt: Other places where it's not so hard to live
  • Lesley: Perfect read/write capabilities. Like John Von Neumann. Would like to have that, frustrates me every time.
  • Sigma: they/them, People who figured shit out soon in life


  • At the fundraising working group, want to organize a rummage sale. First weekend of August (tentative), availability to help price and organize, as Matt won't be able to be there to sell. Markus on marketing, several other people, Matt helping pricing and gathering. BEST GARAGE SALE EVAR!!!

Rummage sale on the first weekend of August (6-7). Basement will be for labeling and sorting.

  • "Crankpottery Physics" -- we'll talk terrible physics ideas and try to turn them into mathematical statements (mathematical modeling). Monday at 7:30pm.

new members

member re-instatement

  • Ira has requested that his membership be re-instated (he canceled it on his own) -- email juul with the decision so he can email Ira
    • Why? -- Matt blocks until we get this info!


  • Lesley: At my last place of residence, I had someone who said they were going to kick me out if I didn't submit to their sexual advances. Been called bitch, whore, etc. This person broke into my room and trashed my stuff. They ended up pushing me when I confronted them. I was granted a temporary restraining order against this person. I am seeking a ban. I have some recorded and documented info. This person is Jonathan Simpson, "Johnny Honestly."