Meeting Notes 2016-08-10

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sudo room PARTY wednesday 8/10/2016


  • juul
  • Lesley
  • Sigma (remote)
  • Tim
  • Matt
  • Max
  • Robb
  • Mark (new person)
  • Jenny (remote)
  • Jeremy


  • Pay your dues!
  • How can we encourage people to pay?
  • Jake: revoke door access
  • Rob: Who has access to sudo humans who can check who is paying?
  • Sigma: Sudo humans is also not perfectly correct as not everyone has their payment info go through that system
    • remote-jenny: Only a very few folks are still paying through Gratipay/Paypal
    • Lesley: I agree. I'm not on there under my real name, I'm not sure who knows what that is. (It's the name I use for irc).
  • Matt: powercycle sudo room. Who says you can just have one reboot? Sudoroom spin class? Rock the bike?
  • Rob: We should use the ballroom more. People who come in saying they can get 1000, 1500 attendees at events tend to dissipate.
  • Matt: We don't have a business plan problem, we have a cashflow problem. We put 80k into the building, if we leave we get 80k back, it's just a cashflow problem right now.
  • Marc: hacker loans?
  • Matt: Getting a British loan would be really cheap right now...
  • Sigma: I happened to be at noisebridge on monday and they were packed with people mostly attending intro circuits and intro javascript/web classes. I think we just need people (also CCL seems to have great turnout with their intro biohacking class).
  • Matt: Sell donations on ebay?
  • Marc: We owe the Omni money.
  • Marc: Does anyone need to buy bitcoin?
    • Jake: Burning man is coming up, people will need to buy bitcoin so they can buy drugs.
  • Sigma: Cyberwizard weekly? I would volunteer to stand up and rant about intro to C coding, or intro to arduino or something for an hour.
    • Lesley: That's a good idea. Weekly as opposed to a few times a year. And that would be cool, I would attend the intro to C class if you did that.
  • Marc: The mortgage would be ~5k a month, will take 3-6 months to get.
    • remote-jenny: No, $5800 - $8700/month, with additional monthly expenses at least of $3800 so minimum we need to strive for bringing in is $12,500/month - nearly double that to achieve +$100K Net Operating Income ($21K) at the high end
  • Max: what if you have a sudoroom-specific card that was tied to how much you paid?


  • Marc: to get it super clean, we might have to pay someone to do it.
    • Jake: have someone do it in place of dues.
      • Marc: That's only like $10, I don't think someone will do that.
  • Jake: clutter is worse than dirt.
    • Robb: No, the floor is disgusting and can only be cleaned when everyone is out of the space.
      • Lesley: A lot of the cleanliness is about consensus--do we want to clean all the time and have a super clean space, or is it not so bad as it is and just needs a little organization/decluttering? I'm in the latter camp.
    • Sigma: I think it would be nice to have an area carved out that is fairly clean, even if the rest of the space has the junkyard vibe. Never seems to last though...
      • remote-jenny: The catbird perch on the platform has been clean for approximately 3 weeks!!
        • lesley: I noticed today! It was unexpected. I've not seen it so clean before.
          • *robb and jenny virtually high-five*
            • Yay awesome job!

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