Meeting Notes 2017-02-08

sudo room meeting - 8 February 2017


  • charley
  • lesley
  • morgan
  • rock
  • max
  • robb
  • travis
  • cel
  • stephen
  • romy
  • mark
  • steve
  • juul
  • matt senate


was there ever a time when an algorithm solved a problem for you in a way that you found interesting or unexpected? or, do you believe in pure altruism, and why or why not?


We got a pick-n-place! Rob explained in some detail what this is and what it can do. Related: we can almost mill PCBs, and we almost (read: do not) have the chemicals needed for making traces on boards.


Romy would like to do more projects, for dopamine. Marc mentioned 5mof as a way to do that. First one scheduled for the 2/22 or 3/1. It's on the wiki somewhere. Event will be held in the ballroom. Also, we have awesome spotlights now. See also: wiki and facebook event. Q from Rob: do we want to stream or record it Romy: or coordinate/connect with another hackerspace (e.g. noisebridge, china, serbia, or elsewhere) Rob: we could set up a video conference if we wanted to Lesley: what if we partnered with another english-speaking hackerspace and we could have half the talks hosted here and half remotely Romy: people also often don't know what they want to do, so this could give them an objective or focus

Hardware Hack Night

Rock was under the impression that HHN was no longer happening because it's no longer on the calendar. He initially proposed that we reorganize/move it to Wednesday nights. It was mentioned that it's really still happening. Proposal: get the events that are really happening back onto the calendar. Additional note: there are no times when you are not free to hack at Sudo Room.

Blender meetup proposal

Rob has been thinking of having a Blender meetup. Travis seemed interested. Some nodding happened around the table. Romy: we have a problem where we have all this equipment but lots of people don't know how to use it and we don't have training opportunities. Charley: what if we had a specific project from time to time where it was kind of a tutorial and people could participate and learn Rob: also, we should video these things


At this point there was so much crosstalk that I could not take reasonable notes. There was some discussion of hackathons and their misfeatures, and what alternatives could be.

Membership process question

How exactly does someone raise an objection to an application for membership? This question was not really answered, but a vague suggestion Proposal (Rob): Lesley should be granted access to the keymaking system. If you want to block this, yell really really soon.

Membership application process improvement

Proposal (Charley): remove the existing membership application form and replace it with a "comrade pending membership" status on sudohumans No one objected.

Cash dues

Rob (et al): some people would like to pay dues in cash. How can they even? Charley: talk to me.

Travis: I pay through gratipay now, what else should I do? Juul: We're trying to move people to sudohumans.