Meeting Notes 2017-05-10

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sudo room meeting - May 10th 2017

ice breaker (credit: lesley)

when the cavendish monoculture is gone, we shouldn't have a banana monoculture anymore, but nevertheless, what is your favorite kind of banana?


- charley - matt - kris - romy - corey - jake - jeff - lesley - alex - steven


mu, in light of his many contributions, has been given door access before attaining membership.


  • Ken spoke about the TTBID and invited us to participate in Temescal Street Fair on June 11th. The event will be at 48th & Telegraph. CCL, BAAM, etc are going to participate, as well as Omni itself. We could have a booth if we want. Could even have a garage sale for donations. Expected attendance is 40k people. Event will be ~10 blocks long. The area we'd have access to is roughly in the middle of the 10 blocks. Ken is interfacing with the event coordinators. Ken would like a response, ideally, in the next week. Contact Ken at
    • Romy can commit to that date, and will coordinate with Ken.
    • Matt (and Morgan?) will make things. Matt will not be in town for that date.
  • Kris (from Holberton, a for-profit software engineering school in downtown SF) spoke about ban reciprocity. The school had an issue with a student who, as it turned out, had been banned from here and from Noisebridge. Also on the table are other forms of collaboration.
  • Jorrit wants to help out with mailing list moderation. Ok to add him as a mailing list admin?
    • There were no objections. Matt anti-objected, so there were a total of -1 objections.
  • Juul tells us we are catching some (pretty serious) flak regarding a situation in which Captain Morgan unintentionally spilled paint on the floor in the front room.
    • Proposed for consensus: Sudo Room requires Captain Morgan to commit to a plan, with a specific timeline, for cleaning up the spilled paint.
      • Consensus was not achieved. Lesley objected to the implicit threat of consequences if he doesn't comply. However she doesn't feel we need to debate it a great deal more.
        • consequences are that there are at least 3 folks on the building wg who want to ban him until he does.. concur 'forcing compliance' is not cool but neither is not cleaning up after oneself.
    • Juul will let the building wg know how the discussion went. Also, Matt will probably clean up the mess.
  • Matt brought up that at the last 5mof, someone voluntold Matt that he'd be running the next 5mof. He can't, though. He will be biking to LA. We're looking for someone to run the next 5mof. Requirements are showing up 2 hours beforehand, emceeing, promoting the event, and soliciting talks beforehand.
    • Corey will do the setup, but his mouth will be duct taped. Romy will do the emceeing. (They are collectively Chromey)
  • Matt sold a bike and donated the proceeds to Sudo Room. You should do that too. Yes, you. Whoever you are who's reading this right now.

membership applications


  • intro: Name's Corey. Male. Likes to do hardware and software stuff. Looking for projects. Pro freelance JavaScript programmer. Into music and bikes.
  • what brings you here? Found out through, hoping to get involved with that.
  • what hack/learn? musical synthesizers
  • what share/teach? already sharing/teaching javascript.
  • plan to abolish sexual violence, etc.? confront it wherever i see it, remain in vigorous opposition.
  • plan to end the anthropycene extinction, etc.? stop buying meat
  • plan to ensure freedom, etc.? donate to EFF!
  • banned? no, never
  • contact?
  • schedule? will try to be at Tuesday night meetups
  • cop? no.


  • intro: comes here wednesday, be nice to have key to get in
  • what brings you here: mac and cheese and company
  • hack or learn? robots
  • share or teach? java
  • plan to abolish sexual violence, etc.? from the core of my being, I shall abolish it all
  • global warming? recycle
  • security of communication? contribute to decentralized communication platforms
  • banned? no
  • contact? he has an email address. ask him for it. don't put it on the website.
  • when I can, weekened
  • cop? yes