Meeting Notes 2018-01-10

Sudo Room Meeting-Flavored Party - Jan 10, 2018

icebreaker: what's your favorite icebreaker question?


  • charley: "what's your favorite icebreaker question?"
  • robb: same
  • noah: if you were a hot dog an you were hungry would you eat yourself: and yes i would
  • kyle:
  • david rojas: what's your favorite flavour of ice-cream
  • sven: ice breaker questions have been purged from his brain
  • jaime: no favorite question, but "what is your least favorite sounding foreign language?"
  • josh: favorite food that gives you the most indigestion
  • steve: what's your least favorite kind of music?
  • melissa: do you know anything about a little bit of pot?
  • jo: what's your relationship to your neighbors like?


  • finances (david rojas)

<david rojas> the tech spaces are closing, noisebridge is getting evicted. we have lots of opportunity to burn and pillage. let's recruit. let's be aggressive about what we ask for in dues. reasonable amounts based on how much you make. get a better idea of who our members are and when they come and how much they can/should contribute. do we have members with fundraising experience?

    • what are we trying to accomplish? raise money so we can pay our rent and also clean up the space
  • new members
    • see section below
  • upcoming workshop
    • there is a "build your own internet" workshop happening on the 27th of January (Saturday) at 2pm in the ballroom. it's a quarterly thing with a short presentation and half an hour of mingling and food and there are tables where you can learn different skills. see if you want to sign up. signup on the website requires a donation of at least $1, but if you don't want to donate, you can just show up without registering.
  • call for new delegates
    • question: what is a delegate? answer: they meet the other collectives at a meeting twice a month where they go over omni general business. the delegates represent us there.
    • we have a few. we would like to have more. the meeting is definitely on the first and third thursday at 7pm, usually in the ballroom.
    • melissa volunteered. sierk volunteered to be a backup. consent was achieved.
  • arduino class possibilities
    • Noah has ten kits ready to go
    • course is up on github (needs some corrections)
  • there will be a sudo room newsletter, which will be worked on during a get-together on the first monday of the month at 7pm
  • book scanner
    • it's over there. it's the red contraption by the nicely organized storage shelves.
    • there has been sudo-discuss mailing list traffic about this.
    • noisebridge has nice software for this
  • rayc would like to build a hutch for the electronics table. it was pointed out that the table needs to be more stable.
  • melissa had some questions about the previous OC delegates meeting minutes, which juul and jenny were able to answer.

new member candidates

  • Jacques
    • intro: Volunteer from Revolution Books in Berkeley.
    • wbyh: I have a reading disability and can't track text very long. I wrote to the sudoroom email list and I got responses regarding a book scanner.
    • hack/learn? learn how to make the scanner crank out e-books and interested in projects like the mesh network
    • share/teach? i can share and teach a lot about Revolution Books.
    • plan to abolish sexual violence, etc.? in one word: we need a revolution, the system is rotten, the system is unreformable
    • plan to end anthropycene extinction, etc.? down with capitalism, up with socialism
    • freedom and privacy of communication for all? you'd have to start by getting rid of the system, and then you'd have to work really hard to make sure nobody is trying to do all those things.
    • juul read the omni SoS/SSP thing. is this going to be a problem for you? it's not going to be a problem. that's good you got that.
    • banned, etc.? i was thrown out of elementary school, but no hacker spaces. dropped out of high school
    • contact? email.
    • when might you be here? probably evenings, but really whenever i can find someone to collaborate about the book scanner.
  • Noah
    • intro: hi my name's noah.
    • wbyh: i wanna learn more about electronics and how to program and how to design circuit boards and i want to teach free arduino classes
    • hack/learn: i want to learn how to design circuit boards and there's a wealth of electronic information here
    • teach arduino classes
    • expectations were explained by kemitchell. problem? no
    • banned etc? no
    • contact? email.
    • schedule? afternoons and on the weekends