Meeting Notes 2021-06-02

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Sudo Room Meeting, 2021-06-02 6pm



  • Intros
  • Re-opening
  • Paying Omni
  • Update from Omni Commons


Intros: who are you (name/nym, pronouns) and what have you been up to?

  • tim: in massachussets, building out hackerspaces in a couple of locations, software, offgrid, power electronics, measurement systems. in a barn built in 1800s. 70 miles from boston. two levels on it, upper level where all the machines are gonna go.
  • nick, mainly interested in IT security, how it can be used to help social causes, also tinkery things like effect pedals, satellite ground station,
  • kabirdas: first time here, also relatively new to coding and it and things like that, been wanting to move more in this direction, looking for ideas about how to do it in a community focused way, mostly here to listen in and get insipration,
  • charles: been in bay area for 7 years now, software engineer, started out in embedded, been doing web in bay area, mostly javascript, in free time work on digital electronics stuff, kinda don't want to do more software in the evenings. topics i'm interested in: distributed systems
  • carl: long time sudo room and noisebridge member, i'm in hayward. software. mobile apps. do some work for internet archive. and i made the leds behind me.
  • angle: hardware hacking tuesdays, electronics teacher, HAS DUCKS
  • jake: in Oakland, I want people to install the cylindrical ventilation fan (presently resting under the stairs in sudoroom) onto the roof over sudoroom, in one of the circular holes that are presently set up as passive vents. Interested volunteers should email [jake]


electrical: about half way through. 2-3 more panels to do. If you want to help do hardcode panel replacement work, contact jake

there is a cylindrical ventilation fan under the stairs that should be installed on the roof. if anyone wants to work on that they can talk to jake. ventilating the room would be great.