Meeting Notes 2021-06-09

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Sudo Room Meeting, 2021-06-09 6pm



  • Intros


  • mobile apps and frontend work and works for internet archive. associated with hayward hackerspace. not really into electronics but programmed flaschentaschen at noisebridge.

dane: more recent member, joined in september. involved with EBFNB & North Oakland Mutual Aid, been working with omni comms. (updating Omni Commons social media, mostly Twitter & Instagram) not much of a tech person but advocate for community technologies, open source, diy/dit.

charles: mostly a javascript dev by day. focus on node services with functional twist. also like to hack on digital electronics stuff and digital music stuff in my free time. just interested in doing what i think is cool here.

tim: been involved with sudo room for several years now. software engineer. currently located on east coast near boston. split time between boston and bay area. right now setting up cnc machine, setting up hackerspace. interests are off grid and real-estate hacking.


Intros: who are you (name/nym, pronouns) and what have you been up to?

nathanael: he/him - sysadmin, audio enthusiast, curious about the org


Need more social media outreach to reach new people (Dane can retweet Sudo Room social media through Omni Commons social media, double the awareness )

Look into other hackerspaces for how members make payments (Noisebridge, Chaos Computer Club, Double Union, Queerious, of course Hacker Dojo, ...etc.)