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Peoples Open Meeting - 1 Aug 2017

Give us money!!: Montly expenses: ~$150 Patreon income: ~$20 :(


  • Mario (gardenmesh), Lesley, Daniel, Jenny, Grant (disabled list, 8 fingers), Sierk, Blake (wifi protocols, privacy/crypto), Scott, Jehan, David, Cassandra, Divine (new, interested in community networks), Marc, Bullitt


  • Mario & co finished Deadline for NatGeo grant for $25K that gardenmesh extended to Aug 15th -
  • Sierk removed the blog spam! yay! Wants to workon the website, getting more content up, events etc
  • Blake: wrote a blog post on a wifi protocol:
  • Daniel: this weekend or next we'll be cleaning up the wiring in the building -
  • Marc: Exit node is back up. Decided last meeting we're going to pay for Hurricane Electric - but then we have since had offers for cheap/free server/bandwidth space [charley & james]. other option is at least $150/month. go to patreon and contribute a few bucks a month. currently receiving ~$20/mo - expenses are $150-250/month.


  • feedback: circle back to 'feeding 9 billion', how to distinguish? - incredibly cheap, which makes it accessible to people;
    • marc: focus on the innovative part of this project - how cheap it is! lead with - currently this technology exists, but is unaffordable for the vast majority of the world's population. we've piggybacked off a new, cheap wifi chip and created a product that's several orders of magnitude cheaper than the existing
    • daniel: visually it's very busy, takes away focus from the plant and the chips. you could magnify the shot and stand behind the plant
      • marc: i love it. so many kickstarter videos are overly polished with no
    • scott: demonstrate what problem it's solving - show what can happen if a plant isn't getting enough attention
    • cassandra: why not situate the video in a garden?
      • and taping people putting it together
    • jenny: could cut in 2-3 still slides - namely, a diagram of the components and a cost comparison graph
  • sunday: finish prototypes, reshoot video - anyone wanna be an extra?
    • folks interested: cassandra, sierk, bullitt


  • jehan - outreach - are people interested in trying to spread the network more? what approach to spread it? Powerful antennas, letting people nearby know about the network
  • marc - bulitt found someone in sf who would transmit, has line of sight to east bay. worth it to try with 100 mb node, see if we can get link?
  • jehan: talked to someone at the NSF/Mozilla event who works on a huge network in SF (SF Mix?) and have a lot of bandwidth they offered to us
    • Marc: Tim said he might be able to hook us up with good rooftop access and bandwidth from a local ISP. we should follow up. and eboot regular sunday node mounts
      • ff. David volunteers to help with that sort of stuff. Works on a neighborhood wifi network in Albany
    • jenny: could design a 'Neighborhood Ambassador' role - provide step-by-step instructions, promotional materials, etc
      • daniel: good to visualize the areas where we're focusing or are most in need of a strategic link
      • david: like the ambassador idea. need to brainstorm on the heterogeneous goals
        • jenny: wrote a bunch of use cases a few years ago based on interviews with local folks and orgs:

sunday node mounts

  • marc: can we agree on having Sunday 2pm node mounting meetups, and deciding on where that node would be
    • jehan: where this sunday?
      • many folks: noisebridge!
        • Blake can help us get to the roof. It's goin down!
  • marc: made to organize when and where we'll be mounting sunday nodes
  • jenny: add a 'Leads' tab to the sheet so we can organize potential nodes

breakout groups

  • sunday node mount - bullitt, marc?
  • outreach


  • reed brothers - where to point from there?
  • some were already using the ssid -

action items

  • Meet at 2pm @ Noisebridge
  • Create a map of needed areas - Daniel, Jenny, Scott, you?
  • follow up with charlie about exit node