Mesh/03 February 2015


  • Jenny, April, MaxB, Oren, Marc, Alex


  • Keenan contact with the apartment complex kitty corner from Omni
  • Visit with Internet Archive last week
  • Possibly work with the Temescal BID - their meetings are on Wednesdays


  • Offer to set up omnidirectional links for folks who want to set up public hotspots
  • Target the Oakland harbor and LOL / Cycles?

Action Items

  • Send updated proposal to John Givens (Omni landlord)
  • Budget proposal to Omni finance re: LMI internet

Uplink explorations

  • Called Cogent and Level 3
    • They do not want us to find our own way to deliver our uplink. If they used their fiber access to bring us an uplink, they could do so (at almost any speed) for around $1400 a month. Same quote for both companies.
    • They are open to installing an antenna on the roof, but we'll have to rent out space and it would be on us to make sure it's always working, etc. It'd be WAY, WAY more of an investment to do this, and it seems ill-advised.
    • If someone wants to call them to discuss ways to just get an uplink and handle the distribution ourselves, give them a call:
      • Cogent:
        • Ray DeGuzman, Global Account Manager, Cogent Communications - Direct: 510-281-5954 <>
        • Level 3 - Nick, 510-281-5954
  • Alex and April are in touch with a sales representative at AT&T. This could be ideal. They are very close to Omni.
  • LMI seems the most flexible. And they are who we are ikely buying an 50-80 Mbps DSL uplink from for the Omni. We should introduce our project to them and ask them how they might help?