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  • Marc: Node configurator working
  • Jenny: Announcement to meshmap list, web form order process
  • Dan: Playing w/ routing nodes through digital ocean droplet; brought a nanostation m2 loco
  • Max & Alex: New exit servers w/ a single script, relaying bandwidth over the vpns
  • Joseph: Reading through the wiki; church tower near Coliseum; community outreach
  • Paige: Looked at tower in richmond, repeater on taller apartment building; started a flyer
  • TJ: Figuring out how to help, something small to contribute
  • Ron: Sent a pull request last week; wants to work on (non javascript eventualy).


Web form:

  • Name
  • Location
  • Do you have access to your roof?
  • Do you have Internet?
  • Do you want to donate bandwidth?


  • --> database with unfulfilled and filled orders
  • Receive new order
  • Configure a node
  • Print power supply sticker
  • Print PDF / guide
  • Print package label & mail


  • Jenny to transfer sudo money to new bank acct
  • Announcement ot meshmap list (jenny)
  • Finish node configurator (Marc, Ron?)
  • Flyer/handout for public distribution (paige)
  • Messaging for different groups [eg; residents, local businesses, community centers, churches, slumlords, municipal actors)

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