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'''Table 1: Crimping Station'''
'''Table 1: Crimping Station'''
* How to put up extender nodes on your roof
'''Table 2: Mesh Node Flashing Station'''
* How to flash a new node
'''Table 2: Community Outreach'''
'''Table 2: Community Outreach'''

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Workshop Theme: "Build Your Own Internet"

When: March 04th 2017 2PM-5PM

Where: Omni Ballroom


  • 2:00PM-2:30PM Presentations
  • 2:30PM


Why Build a Mesh Network - Lindsey

  • History of tyrannical governments shutting down internet - Arab spring, etc.
  • Emergency preparedness - natural disasters, etc.
  • Digital divide

How A Mesh Network Works - Jehan

History of Mesh Networks and PeoplesOpen.net - Will

  • Other mesh networks: Guifi.net, Wlan Slovenija, Freifunk
  • History of PeoplesOpen.net
  • How PeoplesOpen.net works


Table 1: Crimping Station

  • How to put up extender nodes on your roof

Table 2: Mesh Node Flashing Station

  • How to flash a new node

Table 2: Community Outreach

Ideas for future events:

  • Sunday node mounts
  • Door-to-door meet the neighbors and hand out nodes

Table 3: EFF Table

  • Surveillance Self-Defense