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Peoples Open Meeting - 8 Aug 2017


      • juul: also started looking at MongooseOS, for esp32 devices - young, but has a built-in microjavascript - rather than lua.

noisebridge install

  • didn't happen - folks didn't know it was going to happen. didn't h
  • Blake (green), juul (cyberdude), bullitt (none), jenny (green), sierk (green, then blue), grant (teal), blue (scott), daniel (blue/scott?), divine



  • juul: did some work on the DisasterRadio - now turning itself on. Issue of having to power cycle no longer an issue. Still a memory overflow issue, but minimized. Going to spend some time debugging that issue (nodemcu), but think maybe nodemcu is forsaken
    • grant: am able to get a custom build of nodemcu firmware, can help test any changes we may want to make. ave code for the lockbox, didn't want to do something without permission.
  • bullit: got the combo for the noisebridge lock box on the roof.
    • juul: we should still
  • bullitt: got the combo for lockbox on the roof. people know that we plan to do it.
  • juul: announce a few weeks in advance
  • try again this coming week - Blake will make sure its cleared
  • maxB still claiming to maintain the noisebridge nodes and didn't offer to give us access. but we can just put up our own in parallel
  • Friday will start re-routing cables at sudomesh area.

firewall issues

  • arthur and juul fixed the firewall issue but it has yet to be propagated to all nodes. need to manually fix those that haven't been updated yet. firewall rules were slightly in the wrong order.

garden mesh

  • grant: had 4-5 of us show up on sunday to build some prototypes. got about 5-6 nodes finished. daniel, scott, nick [new], grant, mario worked on it.
  • bullitt: mario sent an email about making the video during the week.
    • grant: scheduled for this friday. re: getting devices out there and updatable, probably not going to happen.
  • daniel: re: racist comments from mario - we were working on sunday... mario moved closer to me, kind of took over the whole table.. speaking loudly, started mocking people from the south, with a mocking accent. i felt uncomfortable. earlier that day had received a scam phone call from a "sheriff", grant referenced it, and mario turned it around to make a rude comment about the sheriff calling to check in on his emigration status. felt very offended - didn't cross the border illegally

becoming a 501c3

  • Jenny spoke with Jesse today and we came up with a good plan.
  • Re: taking over OOC's (old-omni's) 501c3, here's a breakdown of the pros and cons:
    • Pros: Cheaper (by ~$1000), easier, faster, org has a solid financial track record
    • Cons: Slight risk we could be audited (but would likely do fine); not starting out with a "clean" org
    • Re: D&O insurance, this point is moot - since we're an incorporated org in good standing, we could already obtain this without 501c3
    • The filing fee for organizations expecting to make over $10K is $850 - for orgs making less than $10K on average over 4 years or expected, the filing fee is $400. Jenny has started the application some months ago; it lives in the sudo mesh google drive 'Legal' subfolder here: . We can file a 1023-EZ application for $275 if we can cogently say we don't expect to make more than $50K in gross annual receipts in the next 3 years. The $400 fee for a full 1023 application denoting gross receipts of less than $10K/year for 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 seems our best bet.
    • Because it has been significantly more than 27 months from sudo mesh's date of incorporation, we will most likely only be granted exemption from the date of our application submission, rather than retroactively to date of incorporation. This does not mean much as we have had few (if any) donations >$250 in any given year and have received no request for a letter denoting a donor's tax-deductible donations.
    • Proposal: In a few years, the dormant OOC org will have a cleaner record (since the IRS only takes most recent 4 years into account) and may then be more appealing / useful for another purpose. It's essentially a future asset, or otherwise a backup plan in the event our own 501c3 application gets held up before we receive significant grant funding. It would be a quick & simple matter to change the name, board and bylaws of the OOC org at any time. I propose we move forward with filing our own 501c3 application, and denote the EIN of both orgs as the possible recipients in our grant application to Mozilla/NSF (contingent on being granted exemption by the time the funds are to be released). In the event we are not granted exemption by the time 501c3 status is needed, I propose we then take over the OOC org.
    • 6/9
    • 3/9
    • consenso sez yes
    • if you'd like to help with the application and/or new bylaws, ping the list or

hurricane electric server space

  • rcsheets has space at hurricane electric and is willing to share - not worried about dmca, but slightly worried about power usage
  • need to analyze our power usage

breakout groups

action items