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sudo mesh weekly organizing meeting, 8 sep 2015


  • juul - developer
  • jehan - wants to learn more about the practical
  • maxb - We've been eating the dogfood and it's been tasting pretty good:
  • siavash - saw it on the calendar, background in telecommunications, gsm, transmission related, worked with ericsson in iraq/iran
  • captain morgan - programmer, likes linux, has a node at his house
  • jenny - really happy to not have any responsibilities to do with anything else in the building tonight, working on community stuff, outreach and documentation
  • mo bala -

battlemesh report-back

Ryan, Paige and Jenny did a bunch of interviews with representatives of as many community networks as they could find. Their goal was to get the origin story of each of the networks, Challenges that they faced and advice for people who were just starting a network.

Musti has helped create a hackerspace in Maribor called KreatorLab and is focusing on creating a set of standards for documenting open hardware.

There's a guy called Dave Taht in Los Gatos who works with the IETF who works on standards for the internet. He developed a bunch of the bufferbloat stuff in cerowrt. Jenny recommends his presentations.

Networking Simulation

If someone wants to implement a babeld implementation for ns3 (network simulator):

where did our stuff go? (theft)

  • Bunch of PoE injectors, ethernet cables, and hard drives taken by this guy named 'Manny' or Manual who will say he has an agreement with Jake to take our e-waste

community outreach & communications

  • Jehan made a diagram to help developers get oriented
  • Need to update Nic's brochure and print a bunch
  • Would be rad to design something like 'Open Wifi by People's Open Network' - window stickers for houses, laser-cut signs for public areas like community gardens

update on fcc ruling

bureaucracy situation

  • We're filing a 3500 CA nonprofit tax exemption form to demonstrate we shouldn't pay taxes
  • Also our annual Statement of Information is due November. Jenny finished it but we still need to pay the $20 fee.

action items

  • Set up beta node at LiveLabs & test accessibility of documentation [jenny]
  • Pay Statement of Information fee [Jenny/Marc]
  • Send 3500 form [Jenny]
  • Send svg