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  • I (grant) dislike (disagree with?) the Learn, Do, Share, Grow. tagline, specifically the "Grow" part. Sounds too capatialistic, like "we must keep growing to survive!", maybe it could be "Learn, Do, Share, Sustain?" or just Learn, Do, Share. Not sure.

Next Workshop

  • create landing page instead of linking directly to eventbrite

Join the Network link

  • previously linked to (broken) nodeshot map
  • new page with content from old "How to Help"
  • same as "Join" link

Help us Grow link

  • where should this link??? currently goes to How to Help page...


  • let's do something different with the side bar!
  • "Monitoring" sounds a little scary and invasive, change to "Open Monitoring Data", hmmm or "Maintance Data"? or maybe "Mesh Inaction"...that was intentional.
    • changed to "The Mesh in Action"
  • Picture of and link to the map, if we ever get it back up

About (TODO)

  • reformat to match new pages?
  • link to a helpful documentation page
  • add more partners, sudoroom, Omni Commons, Counter Culture Labs, etc


  • fix wordpress slider, post about workshop and/or recent node mounts
  • fix CSS to match real site

Join page (live)

  • taken cotent from How to Help, renamed and reworked a lot of the content

Developement page (live)

  • now lists on-going projects

Documentation page (REDO)

Q: What's the mesh? And why do we need one? A: The mesh is a decentralized network of computers (or nodes). A mesh is useful because there is no single point of failure. If an individual node goes down, the mesh network will still work. Also, because there is no central node that needs to exist for the network to function, the ownership of the network is shared between all the nodes. Q: What are nodes? And how do I get one? A: In the mesh network, nodes are wireless routers (like MyNet N600s). Normally, these routers are configured to connect a LAN (your local network) to the WAN (the internet) using your ISP's infrastructure. In a mesh configuration, the routers also talk to each other, creating a third, intermediary network that we call the MAN (mesh area network). This MAN connects nodes that are physically near each other. If you'd like to get a node suitable for working with, please get a compatible router and flash it with the appropriate firmware build (see guide below). Q: Ok, but I want to help out more? A: Glad to hear! Continue to the roles section below to see how you can get more involved.

Donate page (TODO)

  • landing page with links to patereon, bitcoin wallet, paypal? etc?
  • provide examples of what we use donatations on (probably already on wiki somewhere?)

Legal page (TODO)

Propaganda page (TODO)

How to help page (live)

  • Move old content to Join the Network, new content mostly taken from
  • Mesh networks don't happen by themselves, they require a ton of effort and a lot of collaboration. If you would like to help out, there are several roles that anyone (with the right motivation) can fulfill.

Community Organizer and/or Educator

Are you a people person? Would you like to help our network expand and provide access to those who need it most? Use your social skills to help get the word out. Talk to neighbors and local businesses about setting up a node in their buildings. Help plan events that raise awarness of the mesh. (events, outreach, press, education)

Legalistics and Grant Writing

  • Do you have expertise in law? Help us join the fight for digital liberties and equitable access to information. See more about our legal efforts at
  • Legal keywords: Internet freedom, surveillance, accountability and representation, media ownership or communication worker rights.

Design and UX

Are you artiscally inclined? There are multiple aspects of mesh networks that require design skills. Help improve our proganda, re-design user interfaces, or create new diagrams and infographics. Check out our <a href="">propaganda</a> currently hosted on github.

Technical Support

Do you like scaling tall buildings? Are you a skilled troubleshooter? Help provide day-to-day management and maintenance of the mesh or assist in the deployment of nodes and roof-mounted antennae! If you'd like to join the node mounting crew, e-mail us at <a href=""></a>

Multi-talented Engineer

Are you a hacker or programmer? Do you know how to use git? Fork our repos, modify some code (or just edit a README), and become a contributor. To learn about the technology that drives mesh networks and how to contribute to our various hardware/firmware/software projects, visit our <a href="developer.html">development page</a>.

If you are interested in fulfilling any of these roles (or suggesting new ones). Stop by our weekly meetings, Tuesdays 7:30pm at the <a href="">Omni Commons</a> and <a href="join-the-network.html">Join the Network</a>