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Mesh/15 September 2015

sudo mesh annual board meeting, 15 sep 2015

We are meeting in La Commune!



  • Jenny, Pete, Jeremy, Jake, Marc, Matt
  • Came late: Mitar and his friend Jake


  • Pete: You can be a sharer or a recipient of sharing
  • Pete: Fundamentally about being in a participatory community
  • Pete: Did you ever try to set up a tin can phone as a friend? [image overlay of tin can phone lines across oakland]
  • Jenny shows Pete our video. He digs it. J suggests we could do more videos, short 30-second/1-minute 'PSA' style clips tailored to different audiences
  • Jeremy: Would like to do more presentations at schools to recruit more young coders. Anyone else interested in co-presenting?
  • Pete's neighbor found the peoplesopen network and cancelled his serviceĀ :D looked up the project and was stoked, is open to sharing costs


New Board of Directors

  • Remove: Lilia, Luis
  • Re-elected: Jenny, Marc, Jeremy, Jake, Matt, ChrisJ, MaxB
  • New Directors: Pete, Arlo

Consenso: 5/5

Becoming a fiscally-sponsored project of the Omni

  • Could help Omni achieve 33% charitable income as required of a 501c3
  • Sudo Room might achieve 501c3 status more quickly
  • Jenny's also filled out most of our 501c3 nonprofit application if we'd like to go that rought
  • Proposal: Delegate this task to Jenny

Consenso: 5/5

Election of Officers

  • President: Jenny Ryan
  • Secretary: Pete Forsyth
  • Treasurer: Marc Juul

Consenso: 5/5

Post-meeting discussion on events we'd like to organize

  • BACH Unconference - Bay Area Consortium of Hackerspaces 3rd annual Unconference. Visit to learn more and join the mailing list if you'd like to participate!
  • Hackmeet - Matt has the domain - Interested in hosting european-style 'hackmeets' to work on building solutions to tangible real-world problems, hacktivism
  • Open Alternatives conference - 18-21 March 2016
    • Paige and Jenny have been discussing organizing a 'decentralized tech' conference
    • Marc is interested in expanding the scope to 'Open Alternatives' and inviting participation from Counter Culture Labs and other groups & projects working on open technologies and building alternatives to the current system
    • Battlemesh track over the week
    • Distributed / decentralizing tech track
    • Biosensors track
    • Failcon - sharing stories of failure in community organizing
    • 50% maximum techies
    • Overlap of technical and nontechnical tracks
    • Block party / Creating Commons-style
      • Phat Beets is interested in helping
  • Name ideas: Creating Commons, Creating Alternatives, Decentralized Alternatives, Forging a Commons, Growing a Commons, Collective Liberation, Collective Conference, Flock Together, The Humans Conference, Open Alternatives