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People's Open Network Weekly Meeting - Day Month 2019 7:30pm-9pm


  • Introductions and Meeting Roles (10 mins)
  • Check in on previous action items (5 mins)
  • Updates & Reportbacks (20 mins)
  • Next Sunday (5 mins)
  • Check in on ongoing projects (10 mins)
  • Discussion: BYOI IS COMING (15 mins)
  • Weekly updates/check-ins (10 mins)
  • Action Items (5 mins)
  • Breakout Groups


Introduce yourself: Name; Preferred Pronoun; Icebreaker Response; BRIEF Announcements

  • Icebreaker question: whats the most memorable heavy thing you've ever carried?
  • benny- he/him-objects that don't look heavy but are
  • lesley - A bureau from IKEA that I found near my apartment.
  • mai - she/they - carrying a lot of water for a long time back and forth and being like, "water's so heavy"
    • I'm now contracting with the Internet Archive today to help produce the Decentralized Web Camp!
  • ben - he/they - probably a rock or a log or something?
  • null - he/him - a 200Ah battery
  • seth - he/they - industrial sewing machine my friend has that I've helped them move twice now
  • alison/allie - she/her - ordered bismuth once and it was disproportionately heavy
  • doyouhaveamirror - they - suing berkeley in federal court
  • robb - he/him - some motor, a motor, electric/gas, not sure which
  • jenny - she/her - everything in the basement - the printing press was terrible
  • howard - him/whatever/person - the heaviest thing I carry is the past, physically - keys

Meeting Roles

Check in on previous action items

Check previous meeting minutes at and paste action items below:

  • document battery-powered node in a waterproof bag @juul
    • juul out of town
  • revisit priorities brainstorm pad and report back @bennlich
    • not yet
  • poke ryan about marina @tunabananas
    • did not do yet.
    • lesley: thinking about renewing membership there. on my todo list to physically go out there.
  • ping david and niki re: sunday @tunabananas
    • sierk says they havent had a meeting
  • create wiki page about EMF Radiation @sierk @tunabananas
    • jenny making it right now
  • any reply from LOLSpace? @tunabananas
    • jenny pinging now
  • hook up exit node server @ hurricane electric @null @bennlich @juul
    • need to schedule. benny wants to make it a hike.
  • purchase some N750s
  • purchase some usb to network dongles (USB-C version and Regular USB) @null
    • purchase request made
  • email board and potential directors about annual meeting @tunabananas
    • meeting next tuesday!
  • coordinate for sunday - @seth
    • went to rabbit's place in albany/berkeley area. pointed nanobridge at internet archive. saw archive backbone SSID.
    • there's not really a good place to mount anything there.
    • null: it was cool to do another survey. we werent able to see the sudomesh SSID.
  • send doodle out for office hours Sunday 4/14 @null

Weekly updates/check-ins

Check previous meeting minutes at and paste weekly update items below:

  • Hurricane Electric
    • to schedule
  • Internet Archive link
  • Marina
    • see above
  • Paxio links
    • benny is politely bothering them every week or two
  • People's Park
    • doyouhaveamirror: last saturday talked w/ someone who has the battery. told running wolf we could put it at the top of the palm tree. also we're going to have a bunch of people in the redwood tree.
    • lesley: so possible redwood tree mount. the hotspot was just a near-term solution. ideally we're trying to find a building that has line of sight to people's park that we can mount something on and provide higher bandwidth.
    • lesley: going to talk to tyler about the campanile.
    • doyouhaveamirror: adam called and asked if i could put electricity in the park. i said i didnt have time but would show someone how to do it. wondering how the bathrooms got put in place. there was some decree w/ UC. seems like that bathroom could be a good place, but unlikely to get outlets.
    • robb: how about rasputin/amoeba records?
    • seth: going to text friend who lives nearby
  • Laptops
    • no update
  • Mobile Citizen
    • jenny: this is about a grououp that offfers cheap hotspots. e-mailed them two weeks ago w/ documents but haven't heard back.

Other Updates & Reportbacks


Recent issues: For a list of recent Github activity, see the widget at the bottom of

Node Mounts & Outreach

Node Mounts Trello:

  • seth: john Cassady (w. oakland)-sonic ISP-very steep roof- i want to put an omnidirectional antenna up there, but its hard to mount because it's so steep.
  • mai + seth: Laurie up in Claremont Hills. extremely knowledgeable about networks and electricity. amazing house. tons of solar panels. great view of parts of berkeley and lake merritt.

Communications & Events

Comms Trello: // Events Trello:

  • Oakland Internet Choice Meeting
    • Benny went! Tracy from media Alliance led a meeting / coalition gathering w/ reps from MonkeyBrains, Sonic, and EFF - also OpenFiber Talked to 3 city council members out of 8. Want to return to them with info/language clearly articulated and support expressed (eg a website)
  • Neighborhood Outreach Flyer
    • Not done! Gonna get a draft done by this weekend

Internal Logistics / Finance

Internal Logistics & Bureaucracy Trello:

  • Fire Inspection Thrusday April 25th

Next Sunday

We host office hours every Sunday from 1-3pm in Sudo Room to talk to people, work on sudomesh projects, and schedule node mounts.

BYOI IS COMING in 2.5 weeks

  • Saturday May 4
  • Outreach/publicity
    • Post on EBX online?
    • Make flyers?
      • Activities, description,
      • Benny
  • Logistics
    • Food/drinks?
  • Activities/Agenda
    • Punch cards for each station
    • Toronto Mesh training
    • Drilling holes, waterproofing
    • Map of West Oakland with pins of where nodes are?
    • Node flashing
    • Oakland ISP choice board -- solicit stories?
  • Questions for Mai to ask West Oakland Library
    • Can we have drilling somewhere outside?
    • Can we have food inside?
    • Is there a water fountain?

Action Items

Copy and paste from previous action items above, delete completed ones, and add new ones:

  • document battery-powered node in a waterproof bag @juul
  • revisit priorities brainstorm pad and report back @bennlich
  • poke ryan about marina @tunabananas
  • create wiki page about EMF Radiation @sierk @tunabananas
  • any reply from LOLSpace? @tunabananas
  • schedule HE server install / hike @bennlich
  • create wiki page about EMF Radiation @sierk @tunabananas
  • update mailing list about next week's meeting @tunabananas
  • maybe research antenna range calculator--people are always asking about that @bennlich

Breakout Groups

At the end of the meeting, break out into small groups to hack on or discuss specific topics.

Last Meeting Notes

End of Meeting