Mesh/18 September 2013


  • Juul, Steve (playing w/ SDR for radio astronomy), Luis (frontend web interfaces), Chris (building an exit node), Deekoo (secure messaging client), Max (admin page for nodes, tinkering with OpenWRT), Rhodey (script to automate regeneration of SSH host keys), Jenny (501c3 & grantfunding stuff, working on documentation presentation), Sam, Paige

Network name / SSID

  • WiFi ssid -
    • --->

Decide organization name

  • SudoMesh++++
  • FreedomUptime+
  • 510pen


  • Refine stickers
  • Admin interface
  • SSH key generation
  • Firmware generation
  • Websites
  • Network diagram
  • Documentation fair poster


  • Paige and Chris suggested donating CPU to projects such as SETI, or number crunching of DNA,