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People's Open Network Weekly Meeting - 21 August 2018 7:30pm-9pm


  • Introductions and Meeting Roles (10 mins)
  • Check in on previous action items (5 mins)
  • Updates & Reportbacks (20 mins)
  • Next Sunday (5 mins)
  • Proposal: Stuff to order list (15 mins)
  • Discussion: Paxio Link(15 mins)
  • Discussion: Moneys (15 mins)
  • Action Items (5 mins)


  • Jenny, she, pineapple jalapeno
  • scott: he, pineapple/jalapeno
  • sierk: i'm fine with all toppings, also pineapple. same for pronouns
  • null: him/her, i like ranch sauce with extra cheese
  • rory: he, visiting from new york, grad student at nyu doing research. went to cheese board and they had curry potatoes which was a little weird but maybe a new favorite
  • eve: her, mushroom
  • blake: he, achovies
  • mai: she her they them, mushrooms and olives
  • ben: he they, pineapple and jalapeno
  • grant: he, they, avocado
  • marc: he, danish salad pizza
  • cassidy: double-anchovies

Just made https://sudoroom.org/wiki/Mesh/pizza with preferences :D <3

Last Week's Action Items

  • Email Jonah & CC interested Archive mount folks [jenny] - done 8/22, not cc'd given inline replies, will set up doodle to meet
  • Make new video more visible (blog & social media posts) [jenny] - gonna fix audio levels
  • Reply to Lib23rdAve [jenny] - done, mounted!
  • Discuss / distro reimbusements [jenny, accounting wg] - next week
  • create air os config tool [grant] - done https://github.com/sudomesh/airos-config-tool
  • reconnect with Reed bros for a mount [grant, lesley] - not done , maybe shoot for Thursday


  • Handshake (blockchain, coin, ICO, decentralized DNS) distrubuted $10.2 million so far to open source projects. Asked us to roll a proposal with 24 hour notice. Awarded us $100K! Proposal was a split between SudoMesh / Omni / Sudo Room
  • Added lighting to mesh storage area. Light switch attached to wire-mesh on right hand side after entering.
  • NSF/Mozilla WINS finals for disaster.radio happened: Some demos failed, but we may still have a chance. Winner announcement happening mid-September at the latest.
  • New emergency number for use in omni (instead of 911): 510 444 1616
  • Grant: developed a configuration tool for Ubiquiti routers, uploaded to a repo. You just put in the home name and it generates a config file and copies it on, via port 2, should "just work".Also offers help to anyone with AirOS config stuff

Stuff to Order List

  • Ladder
  • USB to ethernet adapters
  • Weighted base?
  • Chimney mounts - already one in stock, but could order more, may use soon i want to reconnect with Dev in Berkeley - grant
  • Strut and masts
  • Extender Nodes (Rocket M5s)
  • AirFiber 24s (x2, Marc has bid lead)

This Sunday's Mount

  • Thursday: Reed Brothers - Grant / Eve / Mai
  • Sunday: Maybe Archive? Maybe Village? Jenny will ping

Paxio link

Here's the (approximate) link: https://link.ubnt.com/#ap.device.antennaGain=38&ap.device.channelWidth=100&ap.device.eirp=43&ap.device.frequency=24000&ap.device.name=airFiber%2024&ap.height=12&ap.location.lat=37.8350274&ap.location.lng=-122.2641208&coverageCpeHeight=12&coverageRadius=20000&cpeList.0.device.antennaGain=23&cpeList.0.device.eirp=47&cpeList.0.height=31&cpeList.0.location.lat=37.80420537775926&cpeList.0.location.lng=-122.27020412673801&mapTypeId=terrain&version=1.0.2

The non-HD version should give us 1544 Mbps total capacity. I'm not sure if this means a one-way link can only be up to half of that but I think that's the case. So that would be 772 Mbps each way. In any case 60 GHz is not viable over that distance and we aren't allowed to use 2.4 or 5 GHz (says Paxio) so the only other option is the HD version. Non-HD is ~$2850 for a link while the HD version is $6000. The HD version would give us 2000 Mbps total capacity or 1000 Mbps each way. It's very likely our actual bandwidth will be less than the airlink calculator says due to fresnel zone interference and other kinds of interference going through urban areas.

Non-HD version buy link: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1049767-REG/ubiquiti_networks_af_24_airfiber_24ghz.html HD version buy link: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1108526-REG/ubiquiti_networks_af_24hd_us_24_ghz_point_to_point_2_gbps.html

juul is bid-sniping on a new unit AF24HD on ebay ending in ~2 days which we might get for ~$1830 including shipping. I set the max bid to $2000 including shipping. The AF24HD and AF24 are compatible so we could put the AF24HD at Paxio and then a normal AF24 at our end and upgrade our end later if we feel like it. Even having just the HD on one end should improve performance.

  • Consenso


  • grant: no clear membership in sudo mesh. how do we decide who's included?
  • juul: maybe we should decide on that structure and who is part of the consensus process
  • juul: Number of ways to think about it - how to allocate it? project-based or people-based?
  • mai: who isn't here that should be part of that convo? how do we make decisions about that? don't want to be stuck re: how to move forward
  • Alex: maybe set up an ISP structure?
  • mai: also how we do fundraising moving forward, continual sustaining eg memberships; lots of excitement about community networks in the bay area we should tap into that.. also not letting money influence our values. avoid becoming too largely dependent on
  • rory: eg guifi has a model where those who get involved / attend meetings can participate in decision-making, then there's a core group that doesnt vote but has veto power. dont block anyone from making money off the network, but if they do they have to contribute back

https://peoplesopen.net/pad/p/consensus-draft ?

1. make a list and a process for adding / removing OR 2. automate membership by # of meetings or some such criteria of participation 3. open structure, but those exhibiting bad behavior can be removed from decisionmaking power

Consensus participants:

  • Jenny
  • scott
  • null
  • eve
  • blake
  • mai
  • ben (eenblam)
  • grant
  • marc
  • cassidy
  • Lesley
  • Max Schwartz
  • Daniel
  • Jorrit
  • Jehan
  • Will
  • Benny
  • Bengo
  • martin
  • robb
  • seth

Miscellaneous Link Dump

Discussion: Sunday Mount @ LOLspace

  • cabletesters that also test ground - ask grant - kline tools ~$15

lessons learned:

  • test all nodes the day prior to the mount
  • record all IP addresses and login infoz
  • make sure to set admin passwords and add sudomesh admin person's ssh keys
  • maybe make printout cards for node owners w/ the following info:
    • private SSID, admin SSID and passwords
    • what you can do in admin panel
    • the different SSIDs and what they mean
  • checklist of all tools / bits needed for a standard mount

== Action Items ==`

  • Research weighted base options
  • Setting a time for the next BYOI event (all, at the next meeting)
  • Handshake PR re: $