Mesh/23 January 2014

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  • Jenny, Marc, Jeremey, Matt, Maxb, Daniel, Deekoo, Luis, Robert, Jacob, Gaurav, Lesley, Chris


  • Robert is a front end dev fellow!
  • Leslie does interaction design!
  • Jenny does a lot of documentation, but wants to start focusing on community outreach, etc.


  • We have a blog!
  • There's a Coursera computer networking class that started two weeks ago. We're trying to get together to study together. The class meets Thursday at 6:30 at sudoroom as well as on on freenode


  • Design for the splash page / captive portal [Leslie?]
  • Feedback on the wiki's info architecture [New folks]
  • Mesh topology diagram needed for promo video. Example: ** Jeremy is on it!
  • Generally infographics would be rad
    • Promotional material for individual mesh units -Robert to design
  • Business cards [Jenny]
  • Stickers [Leslie / Marc]
  • Add screenshots and more graphic elements to design page for mocking up new pages, etc (Matt)
  • Take on sticker task, Marc Juul will write documentation on the wiki for this, it can be done asyncronously (Lesley)

Action Items

  • Max is going to try to find out a way to share the videos for non-enrolled folks - Maxb put all of the coursera resources on to the sudo space file server
  • Redesign network topology infographic [Jeremy]
  • Email intro Jacob to Hilary Naylor, spaghettinight, OPL [Jenny]

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