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People's Open Network Weekly Meeting - 24 September 2019 7:30pm-9pm'


  • Introductions and Meeting Roles (15 mins)
  • Announcements and Upcoming Events (10 mins)
  • Check Ins: Action Items & Active Projects (30 mins)
  • Check in on ongoing projects (15 mins)
  • Discussion items (10 min)
  • Wrap-up meeting (5 min)


Introduce yourself: Name; Preferred Pronoun; Icebreaker Response; BRIEF Announcements

  • Icebreaker question:
    • Favorite way to cool off or opinions on zhe/zer
  • jenny - she/her - could use zhe/zer, i prefer being hot and sweat and oerheated to cooling off
  • scott - i think its nice to just get rid of gender - i like to be submersed in water or a fan
  • matt - ze/zer suits me fine - i like the ice bath -- immersion in very cold water
  • seth - he/they/ze - i like to walk it out
  • dan/radar - part of the amateur radio communtiy - gender's not that important to me - cool shower to stay cool or skiing
  • ryan - ze/zer is fine but i prefer they/them - being in the ocean or the woods
  • jackson - whatever pronouns you want - wrote a pretty lengthy twitter thread about generative pronouns - swimming in a pool
  • lesley - pronoun agnostic - ze/zer thing i once listened to greg eegan's diaspora as an audio book - lots of sentient characters with ze/zer pronouns - dousing myself with water even if im indoors
  • benny - he/him - might get used to xe/xir if everyone around me was doing it. Suck on ice cube
  • john-mark - he/him/they - xe/xir would be odd, they're still not very commonly used. Cooling off - playing in the sprinklers.
  • marc/juul - he/him - would get used to new pronouns fairly quickly. Jumping in water.
  • eve - i open all the windows
  • tyler - he/him - i feel old -- ze/zer goes over my head - cold yerba mate instead of hot stuff to cool down
  • sierk - used to be around -- havent been around recently -- riding my bike is my favorite way to cool off
  • mai - she/her/they/them - been involved in peoplesopen since 2017 - stand in front of a fan -- dumping ice on my head -- would feel fine about ze/zer pronouns as long as everyone is down

Meeting Roles

Announcements and Upcoming Events

Check Ins: Action Items & Active Projects

Check for Blocked items.

  • matt went to our networks, brought back wifi spam device
  • seth, mai, juul: went to spirit and soul event in richmond
    • met the mayor
    • introduced ourselves to a few richmond organizations (NYAD, no coal activists, low-income housing org)
    • want to have a kit to bring to events like this (want to order a nice banner)
  • Benny
    • last month: met up with someone named Dig, did some work on the monitor. hopefully more contribs to come!
    • this month: want to collaborate with jackson on the service browser..
  • Jackson: focused on building this service registry / service browser. been planned for a while to have a directory of services on the network. source for that registry is a dns zone file that can be cloned. frontend will provide a list of services based on the zone file
  • Mai:
    • last month:
      • went to a people's park meeting to meet folks. ayden who has been coming to our meetings has been all over the local news.
      • receivin money from APC
      • wrangled fitz to modify disaster radio board
    • in november:
      • i want to figure out how we can support their events in november. they've been thinking about having an event at omni
      • giong to apply for funding for disaster radio
  • Ryan:
    • very new to these--came to first meeting two weeks ago
    • i am a communications consultant
    • last monthL I showed interest! and now im back
    • next month: supporting communications!
  • Seth
    • last month: spirit & soul
    • next month:
*** gonna look into the prep event
*** gonna check out ps print
  • Tyler
    • last month:
      • gave a presentation about peoples open at monthly ORCA meeting
    • next month: thinking about updating flierwith a qr code for join tab and chat
      • want to run a site survey at HAM place
  • Matt
    • last month
      • went to our networks
      • been hanging out at gunners office
      • getting the lay of the land
    • next month
      • interested in disaster radio; going to palesttine end of next month and would love to take some hardware there
  • Marc
    • last month
      • finalize prototype plan for new disaster radio -- all off the shelf modules. then fitz will make the PCB for it
      • doing a survey into dweb-type stuff; scuttlebutt, dat, ipfs, blockchains, etc. going to condense in something to publish.
      • set up mobile citizen hotspots at richmond fair
    • next month
      • also gonna collaborate on service browser (DNS-SD)
  • jmg
  • next month
    • planning to come back again; revitalize internet archive link / get my house connected
  • Eve
  • last month
    • went on a hike up the claremont canyon fire trail
  • Jenny
  • last month
    • finally got 12 mobile citizen hot spots
    • getting paid to learn how to code!
    • forgot to mention - distributed two laptops, currently fixing two more
    • next month: do some work on outreach to existing node owners, update budget with actuals


  • We need to ensure that we don't renew the Calyx subscription (when is it due?)
    • Ensure we give a new SIM to people's park before the Calyx one stops

Any desired monthly meeting modifications?

  • mai: when i get back in late october, im interested to have a goup time to work on things that is not the regular tuesday meeting
  • juul: during the work jam meetings people still do intros which kind of sets the tone wrong i think--i would prefer to have the non-last-tuesday meetings be even more informal. maybe one person volunteers to welcome new folks.

When's the Meet-Up This Month?

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  • When:
  • Where:
  • Who:
    • Bottomliners:

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