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People's Open Network Weekly Meeting - 25 June 2019 7:30pm-9pm


  • Introductions and Meeting Roles (15 mins)
  • Announcements and Upcoming Events (10 mins)
  • Check Ins: Action Items & Active Projects (30 mins)
  • Check in on ongoing projects (15 mins)
  • Discussion items (10 min)
  • Wrap-up meeting (5 min)


Introduce yourself: Name; Preferred Pronoun; Icebreaker Response

  • Icebreaker question: what did you do today or a fun legal story
  • benny
  • eve
  • mai
  • jenny
  • juul
  • chuck
  • tom
  • tyler
  • null (remote)
  • doyouhaveamirror
  • eenblam

Meeting Roles

Announcements and Upcoming Events

When's the Meet-Up This Month?

  • What:
  • When:
  • Where:
  • Who:
    • Bottomliners:

Check Ins: Action Items & Active Projects

Check for Blocked items.

Check previous meeting minutes at and paste action items below.

  • send out self-dealing resolution loomio thread @tunabananas
  • fiber internet via sonic or at&t at omni? @jmg @null
    • No LMI fiber, only AT&T + Sonic fiber
    • We should ask other Omni collectives about getting Sonic fiber, which would cost more (from $150 -> $300)
  • Quarterly reports
    • @eenblam: got sidetracked with travel/work this month. I'd like to keep making progress on this, but there's also less pressure to get this done by end-of-quarter.
    • Github Repo: - for human touch, taking notes throughout the quarter
    • benny: I'm happy to help dump my brain a bit about how to gather some of the info and set up a few things, but don't want to bottom line this
    • mai: also down to help
    • jnny: also down to help and could take a leaderly role on this one
    • eenblam: thx! I'll give it another look and reach out
  • juul: I started learning about wireguard. Want to get a wireguard setup for our server and start adding support to librerouter.
    • eenblam - hmu
  • juul: I want to set up a dialup server and client and make a link from a payphone with an acoustic coupler, who wants
    • benny wants to learn about this ^^. i love payphones.
    • mai: I want to learn about this 2
    • eenblam: also want
  • benny wants
    • to fix the open DNS resolver issue on the internet archive exitnode
    • to build one n750 0.3.0 firmware to unblock people trying to flash this
    • to rewrrite the walkthrough page
    • to finish the project map i started a few months ago
    • to check in with ISP fair choice project
    • start thinking about simple mesh services implementation
      • eenblam: Let's talk DNS?
      • mai: I wanna help
  • eenblam: quarterly reporting + infrastructure monitor-y stuff
    • benny: i wanna be a resource for u
  • jnny:
    • finally upload old battlemesh interviews of community wireless stewards (from... 2016?) and bring camera to dweb camp for another round!
    • services ideating, perhaps reigniting
  • tentative: does anyone wish to be compensated for work this month? Might require either scheduling a board meeting, or just you stepping down from board.
    • eenblam: Jenny mentioned an issue with compensating board members that wasn't addressed at last board meeting
    • mai: only is a problem is there's some significant % of board members who are being compensated so it's not a pressing issue yet
      • @mai jenny had more info after the fact
        • right, board needs to sign a self-dealing resolution for any compensation to a director. will draft and post on loomio for myself, and we can use that as a model @tunabananas
    • eenblam: for whatever work needs compensation, then we need to go through a different process for approving it from the board, if they are a board member. If someone wants to get paid to many project over a certain period, then maybe they should just not be on the board?
    • jenny: this only applies when you go over the independent contract limit ($600/year) in which you need to send a 1099. So for small amounts we can just sign these Self-Dealing documents for those one-off cases
    • jenny: will ask jesse when he gets back about the details of this
  • tom: plan is to attend more meetings and get a sense of what's happening
    • down to do time-capped tasks if other people think of them

Trello Boards

Discussion Item: Meta Meeting Conversation

  • Active Projects in Trello
    • Good way to keep track of progress, notes, contact info etc and have some continuity
    • As well as checklists!
    • If there's no progress on projects in a month, it should go into Blocked column or moved to another board
    • Can also add a Due Date, if it makes sense to, so that it's obvious when a card is obsolete, even if incomplete.
    • there're Trello integrations for syncing cards between boards, jenny will explore

Action Items

Copy and paste from previous action items above, delete completed ones, and add new ones:

  • Quarterly financial report will be sent next week @tunabananas
  • Reply to Mobile Citizen @tunabananas
  • Self-dealing resolution for @tunabananas && ping jesse
  • berkeley light pole mounting research @mux

Last Meeting Notes

Wrap-up Meeting