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People's Open Network Weekly Meeting - 25 September 2018 7:30pm-9pm

Special Meeting

We had a special meeting tonight because a lot of folks were out of town, and half the attendees were here or the first time. Most of the notes below were compiled after the fact.


  • Introductions
  • Chatting


Introduce yourself: Name, What brings you here

  • haven - live in san ramon
  • tammy (haven's mom) - just moved here from crowell, texas. moved out here by choice, because political climate is better, weather is better. we've been here 2 months. looking for school for son haven. lots of gruntwork at school in san ramon, so left. im a person who says to much at the first meeting. haven, tell them how you found sudomesh in the last few weeks!
  • haven - through a reddit post i think--during the bad hurricanes. someone posted a link to sudomesh and it seemed interesting.
  • tammy - same kind of thing would happen to us when huge storms would come to crowell. by the way -- sierk was very nice and welcoming!
  • null - i work for comcast evil corp. i used to have trouble with public speaking, was home-schooled until 6th grade--can totally understand not being comfortable talking in front of people. i do all kinds of technological things
  • jon - lived in wisconsin and oakland. brought a document about a recent ordinance in SF preventing landlords of apartment complexes from making deals with ISPs and getting kickbacks. interested in organizing a similar but better ordinance in Oakland.
  • nancy - here because jon asked me to come :)
  • eve: now retired, was Systems Admin for Berkeley under the Department of Energy
  • lesley: also grew up in a small conservative town in texas. A generalist, does contracts as a programmer for javascript and python. the internet was my portal to other ways of thinking when i was growing up.
  • benny: Grew up in new mexico, living in Oakland/San Francisco for about 6 years, working mostly as a software engineer, always liked the way people correspond and communicate within the sudomesh group. didn't like working at a place where making a profitable company was all people cared about. contrasts heavily with the kind of conversation we're having now :)
  • question from jon: let's say the internet goes down, how do I communicate with someone else on the mesh?
    • some discussion about ip addresses
  • lesley invites haven to hang out at javascript night in sudo
  • everyone is invited to come to sunday office hours and more tuesday meetings
  • lots more chatting happened, but we didn't take notes ;-)