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December 26th Hacknight


  • MaxB, Jeremy, Jenny, Marc, Deekoo, Pete Forsyth


  • Jenny and Pete brainstormed some intro flyers last week - Jenny will work on "elevator pitch" / & mission/vision today
    • MeshThePlanet.Org: Planet blog aggregator, calendar, directory/map [1], resources [legal, technical, graphical, historical, etc], software tools, forum?
  • Jeremy went through the video interviews - they look great! He and Daniel have been going through and marking good segments
  • Marc is debugging the last bits of the firmware & node configurator ( see this email: ). Upgraded Sudo Room's internet with two new access points. Got the spectrum analyzer working on our firmware (see below)
    • Portable spectrum analyzer: Mac G4 battery to power the Bullet M5, mounted on a pole and hooked up to a GPS, running the stock AirOS spectrum analyzer software.
  • MaxB tackling web admin bug, going to write some scripts for more seamlessly incorporating firmware updates onto the build server
  • Deekoo has been barreling through the build scripts for OpenWRT - got it to download a build root in a secure, but not yet audit-able fashion - still security holes all the way down \o/

ToDos Tonight

  • MaxB on web admin bug [done]
  • MaxB writing scripts [done]
  • Jenny making sudomesh gravatar [done]
  • Jenny on mission/vision & elevator pitch & blog posts [not done]
  • Juul squishing bugs [partially done]
  • Deekoo banging on the build scripts [presumedly done]


  • Bugs were squished. Marc knocked off 4/5 off his ToDos from the email (linked above).
  • Jenny taught Pete git, and meanwhile made a sudomesh gravatar: 787ec18db5a9c270fa420c8a0c49cdde.png
  • Pete taught Jenny how to common our media, uploading WNDW to wikimedia commons & wikisource and converting it to markdown (see below).
  • Will we deploy any nodes before the New Year? To be continued...

Gratuitous Link Dump

and then we realized Matt had already done this: