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June 27th Meeting Minutes


  • Chris J, Jenny, Max, Juul, Luis, Adrian, Christie, Thomas

New Action Items

  • Add your potential node to the map! -
  • Get batman-adv running at Hearth node, mesh with LiveLabs node
  • Next reportback on an active mesh - Jenny
  • Find some tall rooftops for Adrian to test TDMA point-to-multipoint links
  • Research resilient ethernet cable
  • Tune the OpenWRT settings on the new nodes for RTS / CTS and ACK timing
  • Brainstorm on name for the mesh!

Old Action Items


  • Marc & Jenny set up the first two nodes at their home rooftops


  • Marc reporting on Seattle Meshnet:
    • They are using cjdns and part of Project Meshnet
    • Hyperboria: mesh on top of the internet. like Tor.
    • Currently running an excellent
  • Bay Area Wireless Users Group (died awhile ago)

Misc Notes

  • For every 10-20 street level nodes (2.4GHz) there will be one rooftop (5GHz) node
  • Ubiquiti Tough Cable - some batches of them weren't UV-resistant
  • Solve the hidden node problem with Non-Violent Communication for devices (make requests, send acknowledgments)
    • Alternatively, this has been solved with TDMA - but that's currently not available on Linux
  • Reflowing electronics - heat up a circuit board at the right temperature in a toaster oven to melt the solder and enable the joints to re-form
  • Adrian can port OpenWRT onto anything with an Atheros chip!
  • Using epoxy or ... - changes the wireless behavior - to manage outdoor wear & tear
    • Conformal coating
  • Two options: 1) Keep existing access point / connection or 2) create an entirely new access point
    • Not best idea for repeater node to be primary access point

Crowdfunding Campaign

  • WePay currently stands at $1933.00
  • 0.7319 Bitcoins!
  • Combined, that's $2,004.01!

Potential Local Services

  • Local copy of Wikipedia
  • Access to
  • Tidepools interactive map

Web Resources