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Peoples Open Meeting - Nov 28, 2017


Loran, Marc, Jorrit, Paul, Scott, Sierk, Jehan, Blake, Jenny

  • Loran - got sonic isp; got a firmware build running; b
  • Jorrit - got a firmware build flashed on node; fixed secrets certificates;
  • Paul - new to the project; interested in LoRA /node;
  • Scott - Still working on board layout modifications for
  • Sierk - planning to work on the website and newsletter;
  • Jehan - is there a node mount? Jenny suggests Chris J. he's close to the Internet Archive in Richmond. see SF fiber discussion below. Jehan set up transparent bridge.
    • Discussion of extender nodes - no need to flash if using ethernet cable, or just as a point-to-point link - will not do meshing
  • Jenny - Gerald is willing to share his bandwidth as long as is implemented; Jenny tapped out of SF fiber meeting - disconnect with grassroots organizations; approach seems top-down.Been looking through the github repos and confused about which are being actively used, which are in need of help to fix / finish, and which are defunct/inactive; working on node-request form including some licensing.
    • sierk - was also doing this last night at meeting. way to retire old repos is to move all the code to a diff branch, then put in README of master branch that it's abandoned
    • juul - acquired a bunch of access points (motorola dual band / cannot be reflashed) - ~56 routers at ~$3/pop, sellable for $250 used, $500 new. could be used to spread signal over a large area (eg an apartment complex)
      • now has wifi and usb functionality! - kindles can be acquired used for $25 and can act as controllers for nodes

Discussion Items

  • Figure out how to automate/improve the build loop; fold in patches
  • BYOI - build your own internet workshop; why?

SF Fiber Discussion

  • Notes copied to
  • Jehan: Went to SF fiber meeting last Sunday; was a call for input, meetings are closed. City owns the glass (like roads/pipes); city assigns layer-2 concessionaire that handle end-to-end fiber connections; ISP would have to work with layer-2 to work. Thought it would be easier to get bandwidth, but when he explained layer2-concessionaire
  • Jenny: My concerns are primarily about this groups lack of interest in hearing about existing solutions, 2) prior experience with City of Oakland's OpenOakland group sidelining such concerns/projects to a lip service 'digital divide' working group that resulted in nothing other than provide free research to the city; 2) city's projected budget ~$2mil, 3) given cost and inability to recoup costs (unless charging $60+ per customer), unlikely to give community-driven solutions an ear, and 3) they're leaning toward a public-private partnership, leasing the fiber to private companies in a 'free market competition' model
    • jehan: what about water, sewage, roads?

Network Commons License

  • First hammered out back in 2013 in Austin with over a dozen community wireless projects from around the world, including Guifi, Altermundi, and Freifunk:
  • Would be good to incorporate this more clearly in our own docs, and have new folks joining the network agree to the terms
  • See NYC Mesh's incorporation of the NCL in their node request form:
  • Marc: Same thing as a peering agreement, just a marketing angle

Sunday Node Mount

  • Jenny & Jehan - mount/upgrade at ChrisJ's?

Breakout Groups

  • Firmware - Jorrit, Loran,
  • Etherpad - Grant
  • Github review - Jenn

Action Items