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  • Jenny (tunabananas), Marc (juul), Jeremy, Maxb (maxb), Dan, Tom (electrical engineering background getting CS masters), Angelica (wikimedia foundation, angmew on IRC), Chip (wikimedia foundation, cndiv on IRC), Francisco (hanging out), Luis (web analytics), Chris
  • Dan - IT instructor, built mesh network using commotion in Somalia. Just moved to Oakland. Down to help!


  • Trying out a different format for general meetings, following the info architecture of the wiki:


  • Matt donated awesome briefcase of node mounting tools
  • Juul found a free cordless drill and impact driver and some batteries for FREE on craigslist
  • Juul has been working on ongoing MTU issue - found feasible workaround and is compiling at the moment
  • We got a donation of a 10 terabyte storage server set up as RAID5 and it's been set up as media server - It's on GNU media goblin
  • MTU workaround might work well for everyone except windows 7 users. Win7 users won't be able to torrent.
  • One 5ghz node line of sight-ish directional connection in west oakland on telescoping pole 50Mb/s


  • Tunabananas put up a bunch of resources on the documentation section in the wiki! Also new media covers


  • Added press page related to our press mentions
  • Added design page related to general design philosophy
  • East Bay job developer fellow was suggesting day long field trip to visit various organizations.
  • Flyer Design - how to care for your node
  • Swag!!!!


  • We need to file our statement of operations SOON! (within 90 days of first filing)
  • We need some help filing for grants.
  • /Mesh/funding:
    • Pollination project - $1000/day!
    • Awesome Foundation - local and topical
  • /Mesh/Wishlist
  • We could use more help with legal research
  • HAM radio operators!:
    • You should be able to go up to 70ft - freedom of speech stuff
    • cheap or free radio towers - be checking craigslist


Marc explains the mesh

  • 2.4ghz nodes for street level connections
  • 5ghz point->point or point->multipoint backbone connections
    • capable of 30 mb/sec
  • or lists potential and active nodes
  • folks hosting nodes can choose to share specific amounts of their internet
  • all traffic to internet goes through VPN tunnel - node hosts won't be liable for the people who are using their internets
  • Looking for donations of bandwidth. Both for exit/relay nodes and for sharing with the mesh
  • Internet archive has 70ft antennae shooting 100Gb/s Wifi. We're hoping to meet them half-way at ~ashby

CEO, Secretary and Treasurer

  • "CEO" - Jenny
  • Treasurer - Matt
  • Secretary - Juul

To-Dos/Help us out!

- More graphic design for "care for your node" pamphlet - Design/Development for "splash page" - Atheros hardware watchdog troubleshooting - Working on help forum - Creating a better elevation map - Talking to property owners about hosting nodes - Better legal understandings/research


We can flash a node with new firmware and private keys

Link Dump