Mesh/4G LTE hotspot build

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Total price without sim card: ~$500 to ~$800 (actual numbers from above are $486 to $821)

Mounting fees:

We don't yet know what they are but we know the FCC is requiring them to be at most $180 per pole per year. This cap will likely end in September and it's possible that cities haven't changed their pricing schemes since some consider this unlawful, the new FCC rules were only implemented in January and everyone (including the FCC) seems to think the rules will be cut down mostly or completely in September. I have heard that most places don't charge more than $50 to $100 per pole per year though (but haven't been able to verify) and that the higher prices are because some cities (mostly richer cities) are trying to prevent telcoms from mounting this gear because they thing it's ugly or have health concerns or both.

Assuming the node-mounting fees in Oakland/Berkeley aren't higher than the FCC cap we have a maximum yearly fee of $580 per node and if it's a more reasonable pole mounting fee like $100 and we get cheap sims then it could be down to $300 per year per node.