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Mesh/9 April 2019

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'People's Open Network Weekly Meeting - 9 April 2019 7:30pm-9pm


  • Introductions and Meeting Roles (10 mins)
  • Check in on previous action items (5 mins)
  • Updates & Reportbacks (20 mins)
  • Next Sunday (5 mins)
  • Check in on ongoing projects (10 mins)
  • Discussion: Next BYOI (15 mins)
  • Weekly updates/check-ins (10 mins)
  • Action Items (5 mins)
  • Breakout Groups


Introduce yourself: Name; Preferred Pronoun; Icebreaker Response; BRIEF Announcements

  • Icebreaker question: Most highly anticipated/favorite (tv) show/series?
  • jenny - she/her - picard.
  • robb - he/him - same, nothing else to say.
  • null - he/him - Ozark season 2.
  • mai - she/they - Game of Thrones (next[final??] season starts Sunday!)
  • john-mark - he/they - Lucifer
  • seth - he/they - Murder mountain
  • ben - he/they - drawing a blank

Meeting Roles

Check in on previous action items

Check previous meeting minutes at and paste action items below:

  • e-mail other community wifi groups about rooftop insurance @bennlich
    • did it! See comms below. Two replies.
  • revisit priorities brainstorm pad and report back @bennlich
    • didn't do it
  • poke ryan about marina @tunabananas
    • think i did, no reply will ping again
  • handshake tokens @juul
    • did it, waiting for longer followup
  • ping david and niki re: sunday @tunabananas
    • robb and i will go over this week
  • create wiki page about EMF radiation @sierk @tunabananas
    • jnny will start that tonight
  • any reply from LOLSpace? @tunabananas
    • no >_> will ping again, try another person
  • document battery-powered node in a waterproof bag @juul
    • not sure if published
  • understand how people get e-mail addresses
    • DONE
  • e-mail bayside commons coa about putting an antenna on the rood @iamai
    • bump
  • coordinate w/ null about HE exitnode fix @bennlich
    • worked w/ null! HE node is just about ready to go
  • Look at room calendar for Oakland libraries @iamai
    • mai: done weeks ago! We already have the big room booked for May 4th. ~150ppl capacity

Weekly updates/check-ins

Check previous meeting minutes at and paste weekly update items below:

  • Hurricane Electric server is ready to go! and null has the exit node script github branch for 18.04
  • Internet Archive link
    • via Sierk: Cal Sailing Club has open house events on one Sunday a month - maybe a next BYOI? - Dates: May 19, June 16, July 21, August 18, September 15, October 20, November 17
    • john mark spoke with his neighbor (who has LoS to Omni... JM has LoS to Archive)
    • Talked to his neighbor about mounting an antenna on their property, they had concerns about RF
  • Paxio link
    • Smeone was going to follow up
    • Benny: Sent email to Matt, Tim pozar a few hours ago, cc'd mai, juul
  • Golden gate paxio link
    • Benny: Same thread as above
  • People's Park
  • ToMesh Workshop
  • Laptops
    • 10 repaired, more ready to go, 3 distro'd - need more time to solicit more donations
  • Mobile Citizen
    • jenny: Emailed them back to see about getting bandwidth from them

Other Updates & Reportbacks


Recent issues: For a list of recent Github activity, see the widget at the bottom of

  • null: Updated exit node script

Node Mounts & Outreach

Node Mounts Trello:

  • Upcoming location surveys
    • Cassady — Mead Ave x San Pablo in No. West Oakland
      • Who can go this Sunday 14 April? seth, null , maybe jnny
    • Rabbit — Tulare Ave x Marin Ave in Berkeley
      • Flexible time
      • Tuesday 16 April: seth, jenny, mai
      • We'll need to bring an N750
        • Mai will respond
    • Laurie in Claremont Hills?
      • Maybe this is visible from campanile/elsewhere in Berkeley?
      • seth will cc on reply - mai free sat and next tuesday
    • Seth - Jingletown(adam) this friday at 10am. I'm going.
    • seth - 5th ave (chad) going friday as well to mount node on mast.
  • Lesley: Hillegass-Parker house has home node, wants to do RF test. Should probably have two people for that.
    • eenblam: RF test for radiation in the house, or connection to some other site?
      • eenblam: we should replace the nanostation at benvenue
      • Lesley: I'll forward you his emial. He wants the cables well-shielded, etc. From our end, we also need to figure out what to connect to--they can clearly see the campanile, maybe 5ghz could curve down to parts of people's park, can't see my neighbor
      • Sounds good! Thanks
  • Tyler: Possible extension @ WB6NDJ Repeater site near KPFA FM (good place to do a realistic range test on 60GHZ)
    • Lesley: Yes! I'd also been meaning to ask you about the campanile. (Is that the same location or in the same neighborhood?)
    • John-mark also has good visibility to KPFA (about 2 miles away)

Communications & Events

Comms Trello: // Events Trello:

It's 4 years since we did this, but from memory it was straight forward and only around $200/year. Once you have it you can order COIs for specific properties for no extra charge. I'll email you an example. (See Trello link for example)


      • jenny sez yes and sorry she deleted the above line ^
  • Mai: Update on neighbor outreach flyer
    • (stick around to see draft after)
    • Problem Statement, What We Do, How It Works, How to Join, FAQ (health concerns, privacy concerns)
  • Lesley: as Jenny's getting paid by the Omni, I withdraw my proposal to pay her on behalf of the Omni. Or, as Null blocked it first, I guess that counts and I don't have to follow up with my input :p

Internal Logistics / Finance

Internal Logistics & Bureaucracy Trello:

Next Sunday

We host office hours every Sunday from 1-3pm in Sudo Room to talk to people, work on sudomesh projects, and schedule node mounts.

Example Proposal

  • Lumbragolonga: I propose that for one week we communicate exclusively via paper airplane. Here's why...
  • Consenso?

Example Discussion Item

  • Gormavax: I wanna chat about the recent influx of spotted pigeon-dactyls in the Martian exosphere...

Discussion Item: Next BYOI

  • Trello Board (w/ events assets) -
  • Publicity and outreach
  • Trainings and programs
    • eenblam: most people who work on the project aren't very familiar with the firmware, this would be a beginners' training on using OpenWRT, setting up a router and make sure everything routes through Tor
    • intro talks about the project
      • How the internet works
      • How mesh networks work
      • Demo re: the mesh with N600's and routers
    • crimp a cable/cat5
    • Q/A board
      • What would you like to see in a local Oakland mesh? What do you hate about your internet subscription? What do you use for the internet?
    • Go around the room and intros
      • What are you interested in learning about today?
      • What would you like to share with others about what you have? Not even mesh/internet related, what would you like to share as resources?
    • Community asset mapping
      • jenny: Will talk to east oakland collective about what they do
    • seth: Check in towards the end, Q&A
    • robb: network management tools, show how packets travel around
  • Materials
    • Commotion Wireless
    • Video URLs
  • Food?
  • Our goals?
    • Having more people in West Oakland with nodes and get them on our location survey list
    • Understanding what people in West Oakland need/want, for us to learn and hear from them
      • Develop relationships with people. Create artifacts of making those connections (contact cards).
    • Better followup with attendees
  • Re-name the event?
    • Networks, Our, Community, Grow, Home-grown internet, Connecting the Town, Home-grown networks, DIY networks, grassroots internet, Connect the Town, 510pen, CIGAR (community internet growers association retreat), BYOI (keep it!)

Action Items

Copy and paste from previous action items above, delete completed ones, and add new ones:

  • document battery-powered node in a waterproof bag @juul
  • revisit priorities brainstorm pad and report back @bennlich
  • poke ryan about marina @tunabananas
  • ping david and niki re: sunday @tunabananas
  • create wiki page about EMF radiation @sierk @tunabananas
  • any reply from LOLSpace? @tunabananas
  • hook up exit node server @ hurricane electric @null @bennlich
  • purchase some N750s
  • purchase some usb to network dongles (USB-C version and Regular USB) @null
  • email board and potential directors about annual meeting @tunabananas
  • coordinate for sunday - @seth
  • send doodle out for office hours Sunday 4/14 @null

Breakout Groups

At the end of the meeting, break out into small groups to hack on or discuss specific topics.

Last Meeting Notes

End of Meeting