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=Maps of High Demand Areas=
=Maps of High Demand Areas=
[[File:Http://i.imgur.com/NuVLk5j.png|thumbnail|Strava Map]]
[[File:Http://i.imgur.com/NuVLk5j.png|Strava Map]]

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+ = contact(s)

! = rooftop(s)

$ = interested in a space

Italics are relevant musings.


See also prospective node map

  • West Oakland*!$
  • San Antonio*!
  • Adam's Point*!
  • Ghost Town*!
  • Piedmont*
  • Oakland 5th Ave Marina*!


Resilient communication; internship opportunities; mentorship

  • Laney College*$
  • Talk to Hilary Naylor [Oakland Unified School District]


Hooking up library catalogs would be rad... and libraries are the last bastion of nurturing public spaces.

  • Talk to Ivan

Public Areas

Public wifi on the streets and in parks

Cohousing Communities

Hyperlocal economies/sharing/barter/timebank; resilient communication tools; neighborhood watch; storytelling

Urban Farms & Community Gardens

Hook up sensors to be informed eg; if garden needs water, coordinate shifts, info on plant care, cropswap coordination...

Farmer's Markets

Announcing special kinds of produce / advertising healthy local food and crafts/vendors


Local Businesses

Free wifi attracts new people; community bulletin boards; local media streams

  • SoleSpace*!
  • Taco trucks!


DIY instructables; Microcontroller projects; developing application; community media; community bulletin boards to promote classes and events; find tools / skilled people / projects

Community Media

Local streams from community spaces that foster self-expression, art and politics; archives and zine library; radio podcasts;


By Donation-based gift economies and lending libraries; solidarity organizing; "craigslist free and de facto locally-relevant"


Community events/gathering organizing; skill-sharing; documentation

Worker-Owned Cooperatives

Self-organizing and coordination tools; hyperlocal economies;


These projects are headed by friend's of the mesh group and could plug in in some really interesting ways:

No contacts, but seem interesting:



  • Do a presentation/focus group at LOL
  • Make contacts at schools and libraries
  • Pitch the mesh at an upcoming Open Oakland monthly general meeting
  • curriculum development

Maps of High Demand Areas

Strava Map