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+ = contact(s)

! = rooftop(s)

$ = interested in a space

Italics are relevant musings.


See also prospective node map

  • West Oakland*!$
  • San Antonio*!
  • Adam's Point*!
  • Ghost Town*!
  • Piedmont*
  • Oakland 5th Ave Marina*!


Resilient communication; internship opportunities; mentorship

  • Laney College*$
  • Talk to Hilary Naylor [Oakland Unified School District]


Hooking up library catalogs would be rad... and libraries are the last bastion of nurturing public spaces.

  • Talk to Ivan

Public Areas

Public wifi on the streets and in parks

Cohousing Communities

Hyperlocal economies/sharing/barter/timebank; resilient communication tools; neighborhood watch; storytelling

Urban Farms & Community Gardens

Hook up sensors to be informed eg; if garden needs water, coordinate shifts, info on plant care, cropswap coordination...

Farmer's Markets

Announcing special kinds of produce / advertising healthy local food and crafts/vendors


Organizations Working to End the Digital Divide

It may be possible to get seed funding or community outreach help from organizations that are working to end the "digital divide."

Local Businesses

Free wifi attracts new people; community bulletin boards; local media streams


DIY instructables; Microcontroller projects; developing application; community media; community bulletin boards to promote classes and events; find tools / skilled people / projects

Community Media

Local streams from community spaces that foster self-expression, art and politics; archives and zine library; radio podcasts;


By Donation-based gift economies and lending libraries; solidarity organizing; "craigslist free and de facto locally-relevant"


Community events/gathering organizing; skill-sharing; documentation

Worker-Owned Cooperatives

Self-organizing and coordination tools; hyperlocal economies;


These projects are headed by friend's of the mesh group and could plug in in some really interesting ways:

No contacts, but seem interesting:



  • Do a presentation/focus group at LOL
  • Make contacts at schools and libraries
  • Pitch the mesh at an upcoming Open Oakland monthly general meeting
  • curriculum development

Maps of High Demand Areas

Areas where people bike and run - based on Strava Data

Areas where people take photos - based on Sightmaps

Homes with fiber to the end user - based on

Map of the Backbone Fiber, Data Centers and Free Wifi in Oakland and Berkeley

Map of the East Bay


Red Lines = Existing backbone fiber optic lines in the East Bay

Red Dots = Data Centers connected the the internet backbone (which can be used for future exit nodes)

Green Dots = Existing Relay Nodes with internet access

Blue Dots = Existing Mesh Nodes without internet access

Light Gray Dots = Locations with free wifi (which could become future relay nodes)

Dark Gray Dots = Locations that would benefit from free internet