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We already applied for and received this one in 2014 ($1000)
Applied for OTF’s Internet Freedom Fund in Jan 2016 and declined with this message:

Determination status: Dropped

Next Deadline:

Goals and principles: This sounds like a great community project, but we does not fall under our remit. OTF’s Internet Freedom Fund generally funds tools and technologies that can be immediately used in repressive regimes to counteract censorship and surveillance.

NYC has awesome mesh networks, Red Hook being the most famous. There is a huge project here funded by the city to bring mesh to other boroughs. Also, this seems like a project that should be funded by the local community - is there similar funding for San Fran for something like this? That might be more in line with the community approach this project is taking.

Technical merit:

Reasonable, realistic and sustainable:

Other comments: Please refer to our list of alternative sources to see if any of them might be a better fit.


For our initial batch of crowdfunded hardware, we ran a 60-day campaign on WePay. See this page for details on that campaign, purchases and standing funds.

Sustainable Business Models

Preliminary Notes/Brainstorm

  • cost
    • buying routers
    • people adopt routers
    • people buy routers
  • couple of full time real employees
    • mounting routers/antennae
    • managing of network
  • bandwidth
  • electricity
  • advertising on splash page
  • name the wifi network as the web address
  • sell service to business districts
  • digital bulletin boards
  • skill share board
  • begging for cash model
    • OLPC model: people pay 2x for themselves and someone else
  • ISPs ToS don’t allow you to share bandwidth
    • get local ISPs to contribute
    • monkeybrains?
    • competing with Unwired, and their radio frequency
  • legal advisers???