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We already applied for and received this one in 2014 ($1000)


For our initial batch of crowdfunded hardware, we ran a 60-day campaign on WePay. See this page for details on that campaign, purchases and standing funds.

Sustainable Business Models

Preliminary Notes/Brainstorm

  • cost
    • buying routers
    • people adopt routers
    • people buy routers
  • couple of full time real employees
    • mounting routers/antennae
    • managing of network
  • bandwidth
  • electricity
  • advertising on splash page
  • name the wifi network as the web address
  • sell service to business districts
  • digital bulletin boards
  • skill share board
  • begging for cash model
    • OLPC model: people pay 2x for themselves and someone else
  • ISPs ToS don’t allow you to share bandwidth
    • get local ISPs to contribute
    • monkeybrains?
    • competing with Unwired, and their radio frequency
  • legal advisers???